1.        Dear Fellow Golfers, Greetings to all of you. I have all the right reasons to believe that you must have had the good Golf outings and Concept of visualization must have helped in enjoying your round of Golf.

2.        Today, I am going to talk about the importance of “Addressing the Golf Ball as per your Biomechanics and integration of its general tendenciesbefore you swing through the golf ball.There is a plethora of instruction already exit out there in the environment, however I still see my fellow golfers struggling to make the desirable contact with the golf ball. I have observed that most of the golfers address the golf ball in a very mechanical way owning to their pre-requisite information or taking clue from the instructional videos available on various media platforms and completely disregard their own bodily dynamics / Biomechanics.

3.        The dictionary meaning of Biomechanics is the study of mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. When, I uses the word ‘Biomechanics’: I essentially means the ‘Sports biomechanics’ and in that an athlete must integrate his bodily tendencies to accommodate the unique adjustment to his sport. In term of Golf as a golfer you must integrate your bodily tendencies while addressing the Golf ball and build your stance as well as find your ball position keeping your general tendencies in mind. During my research work, I have found that whenever a Golf player has addressed the golf ball accommodating his biomechanics at address position itself, the desired outcome from his golf swing have always been very encouraging and consistent. These observations provoked my thoughts to study their amalgamation in golf. These general tendencies might be of swaying/leaning a bit during the take-away of the golf club during the back swing, or marginally dipping down during your downswing, or premature curiosity to see the flight of golf ball. You must be wondering?  Why I am saying so? and the reason is that the regular club golfer either does not get enough time or he/she is reluctant to put desired practice hours for the purpose of ironing out these tendencies to achieve an ideal positions at address & in golf swing. Therefore if a regular club golfer can incorporate these bodily tendencies at address stage itself, than he is likely to  derive a great benefit despite less or negligible practices.  

4.        Now the question arise ? How do I do it ?.  As per my countless observations and trials in this area of study, I believe that the following steps will certainly help you to go through the golf ball a bit more solidly in a golf swing. This will instantly boost your  confidence and you will strike the golf ball more consistently (Especially with irons ) :-

  • Step 1– Firstly identify your general bodily tendencies which occur in your golf swing. Some of them could be :-

* Are you dipping down or raising up your upper body in down swing ?

* Are you looking up a bit early in the golf swing to see the flight of the golf ?

* Is your angle of attack onto the golf ball is a steeper or shallower?

*  Do you sway backward during backswing & have an similar tendency to sway/lean forward in downswing.

  • Step 2– On identifying your own tendencies correctly, you can do the following integration in your set-up at address position for more consistency and better ball striking :-
  • If you are dipping down in the golf swing than stand a bit closer to the golf ball in your address and move the position of your golf ball marginally backward in your stance compare to your current ball positioning.
  • If you are raising your upper body in the golf swing than stand a bit far from the golf ball in your address and shift your ball position marginally forward in your stance compare to your current ball positioning. This will certainly enhance your probability to connect the golf ball in an early upswing path.
  • If you are pre-maturely looking up to see the flight of golf than stand normal in your address position but move your ball position  one golf ball forward in your stance compare to your current ball positioning. This will enhance the probability of club head catching the golf ball more appropriately onto its face which has relatively started moving upwardly a bit early.
  • If your body find better stability by taking a relatively narrow stance than the more chances will be that you will sway backward during takeaway. In such cases do not swing higer than  ¾th position ( 10 o’clock position ) in the backswing for more consistencies. This will help you in correct shifting of weight during the golf swing.
  • If your body find more stability by taking a relatively wider stance than most likely you would fall backward due to incorrect shifting of weight. In such cases you must restrict your follow-through to ¾th position ( 2 o’clock position ) in a golf swing to avoid reverse- C position.

5.        Dear golfer, there is no substitute for playing better golf without putting adequate hours of practice sessions on the golf range and build the ideal foundation and desirable motor patterns. If you can put desired practice hours on the Golf range than my suggestion would always be to try and iron out these tendencies and bring them to the level of bare minimum interference during the golf swing. However, my aforesaid suggestions will be a step towards extending my help to you in order to find more enjoyment in your next round of golf. Be assured that my aforesaid advises / suggestion will certainly help you to play better and boost your confidence in your next round of Golf. 

6.        Looking forward to hear your views in the comment sectionto further refine my research and provide easily adaptable solutions for simply playing a better golf.

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Have a Great Golfing ahead.

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    1. Dear Golfer, it’s true that practice makes a man perfect,,however if it’s done with full awareness of the Dynamics than you will reap the benefits of it more rapidly. Remember, every practice session must have a proper plan on the card as to what is being practised on the Range. Every ball hit on the golf range must be with a purpose. Regards


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