Very warm greetings to my fellow golfers

1.        The very fact that your responses to earlier blogs are so overwhelming that they have become the reason enough for me to write my next blog on putting. Let me assure you that you are on a correct path and will certainly make improvements in your golf game.

2.        In Golf every aspect is important and when it comes to putting it becomes super important to be a good putter on the greens. The sole reason of this unilateral importance is that almost 50% shots in golf are played with your putter. On a 18 Hole golf course which is of PAR 72, almost 36 shots are played with the putter. The sheer rise of Tiger Woods during his Tiger Slam or Tiger Era whatever you would prefer to call was essentially rested on his putting throughout the period of his dominance. Tiger Woods could putt from such situations and positions from where no one did better than him. If you can putt well you can certainly win big games and big matches in Tournaments.

3.        I am certain that you must have heard almost every golfer saying that putting is an individual thing and there is no set mechanics to become a better putter. In my opinion this thought process is the root cause of our non-progressiveness self. I would like to offer a counter argument to this popular belief by saying that if that would be the case than why there are countless drills and methodology to learn better putting. Further you will often hear putting gurus stressing that putting is a pendulum motion. This is where, I come in and define “Putting as a pendulum motion created in a Controlled environment which is capable of producing big results”.

4.        Now the question arise as to how do I make this happen ?. The first step towards this is to understand your own putting stroke tendencies. Once you figure that out, the next step is to know which type of putter is the most suitable and can provide most forgiveness and better results on the greens. There are different kinds of putter in the Pro Shops / Golf stores like Mallet Putters; Blade putters, Centre Shafted Putters, Toe-hung Putters, High MOI Putters and many more such design concepts.  

5.        Now the natural question arises as to which putter is better for a particular putting stroke.  Let me make you aware about some of our putting stroke tendencies and suggest corresponding putter-head to counter balance them for better putting on Greens:-

(i)        Firstly, if your putting Arc is more severe then I would suggest that do not look anywhere? Just buy the Blade putter with maximum offset of shaft fitted towards the heel side of the putter-head. This will give you the higher error tolerance and you are on your way to make more putts on greens.

(ii)       Secondly, if your putting Arc is moderate than you should have a Blade putter with standard offset of shaft fitted towards the heel of the putter head.

(ii)       Thirdly, if your putting arc is minimum than you should have a Blade putter with least offset of shaft fitted towards the heel of the putter head.  

(v)       Fourthly, if your way of putting is more off a straight back and straight forward through the golf ball than stay with a Mallet putter. This will provide a more stability to the putter face especially which are from the off centre hits. Centre Shafted putter head will also be a good option for you.

6.        My study reveals that we miss more putts by causing Blocks in a pendulum motion. Block is an inaccurate way of releasing the putter-head. If we do not release the putter-head during the putting stroke, it will cause push-out of the golf ball to the right side of the Hole. Also an early release of putter-head through the impact zone will pull the putts onto the left side of the Hole. The endeavour should be to make a fluid pendulum motion without much of the active involvement of wrists. Allow the weight of putter-head to hinge your wrists in the putting motion instead of involving active use of your wrists by yourself. Just focus on the length of the putting stroke and rest will be automatically taken care by the putter-head provided you have build  a good putting fundamentals in your address position before stroking the putt.

7.        Be assured that my aforesaid advices / suggestion or instructions will certainly help you to play better golf. I am looking forward to hear your views in the comment sectionto further refine my research and come up with more easily adaptable solutions for playing better golf.

8.        Folks, If you have not subscribed the blog than please do so now by leaving your mail in the bottom section of the blog and click the subscribe button for continuous updates. You will receive the instant notification as and when I will post the new instructional blog on www.simplylearngolf.com.

Take good care of yourself & Have Great Golf Outings.

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