1.        Hello everyone, a good Chipping is something which often makes or breaks the good score. In a round of golf, we are going to hit some shots which will find the fringes of the greens on either sides and require a solid technique to save the par and the score.

2.        A very common mistake made by amateur players when chipping is to place the ball too far back in the stance and lean the club shaft too far forward. This action will substantially de-loft the club and will introduce unpredictable trajectories and roll in to the chipping action.  

3.        The correct technique is to keep the sole of the club head flat behind the golf ball and thereafter make a swing by keeping the shaft relatively straight up and down through impact without taking any sizable divot. This technique provides considerably more consistent results because it allows the club to strike the ball with its true loft, rather than with the much stronger loft created by forward pressing. Also keep your feet close together with your weight evenly distributed by keeping sole of your foot firmly on ground throughout the chipping motion. This will help you in keeping the balance and feel comfortable as you strike the ball.  

4.        Remember, these shots are all about touch, and balance is the key. Do not forward press when chipping, it is the most fundamental error of all time. Instead, try to keep the sole of the club flat on the grass to retain the correct loft through the impact. Please take a note as to how the golfer in the picture has kept the sole of his club flat through the impact by keeping the shaft relatively straight through impact while retaining the true loft and prevented taking of any sizeable divot. The retention of this true loft through the impact zone is the key of consistent chipping and making more ups & downs around the greens for saving Pars.

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