1.        Green-side pitches are the shots that recreational golfers tend to struggle with largely because they deal with all of them in a same way. This is where we go wrong and struggle with these pitches. We need to adapt to the specific conditions( lies) of each shot instead of treating all of them in a similar way. Lies are the most realistic thing which is existing on ground and visible to our naked eye in real time. I can say with a great certainty that to a larger extent, lies dictate the type and quality of shots one can execute.

2.        You should always remember that lie always dictates the type of shot you can play, as well as with what club you can play it ?. We as a golfer, very conveniently forget this golden principle and keep on attempting to pull out shots which are not conducive owning to their lies. Even the most beautiful looking swing will be of no use if the lies are not taken in to consideration before hitting the shots. Let me give you a valuable tips for the green-side encounters to save your PARs :-

Situation (A):- When you find that the ball is in a tight lie ?, Firstly,choose a Wedge/ Club with less bounce and Allow your hands to be slightly forward at address. Secondly, don’t open the club face too much, instead try to make use of bounce of the club in such lies. Lastly, just concentrate on letting the leading edge of your club contact the ground just beneath the golf ball so that bounce of the club can work in your favour.

Situation (B) :- When faced with a fluffy lie ?, Firstly, use a Club/Wedge with more bounce to ward off the long grass and Keep your hands slightly back at address. Secondly, open the club face and then take a grip on the club. Lastly, stand a bit closer to the ball and swing the club on a shallower path through the golf ball for the optimal carry and roll.

3. The most confusing aspect of these pitches are which club should i use ? and more often than not we end-up taking Lob Wedge ( The almighty 60 Deg). The average success rate fro Up & Down with LW is about 35 % with the club golfers/Amateur. The simple reason for the same is that more lofted club require greater touch to execute the delicate shots around the greens-side. Remember an another Golden Rule -” Wedges with higher lofts will invariably have the least error tolerance “. So the next time make your decision more wisely.

*Note:- Do not always & automatically choose your Lob Wedge for these shots. Sometimes a less-lofted clubs are a better option and is easier to control the distances. Have a FAITH IN YOUR ABILITY and TRUST this technique, it will do wonders to your short game around the greens.

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