1.        Hello everyone, if you are having a trouble sinking breaking putts than you are on a right page. Always, there are few shots which are more daunting for professionals and amateurs like a short left-to-right-breaking putt or vice -versa. Let me introduce you to a concept in which I believe and trust whole heartedly and that is “Every putt is a straight putt”.

2.        When you know the putt will break, its hard to think of it as a straight putt. But for a great success, you must ingrain a straight stroke in your mind to consistently sink theses breaking putts. The truth is that even if the putt breaks, you should always make a straight stroke towards the chosen target/ Chosen spot on your putt line.  This Spot should be chosen in such a manner that it must represent the apex of the break on your line of putt. Now on a breaking putt your chosen spot has becomes a target on the line of your putt :- Aim it there, make a straight stroke and let the contour of the land move it towards the hole for you.

3.        Technique: – Firstly, read the green and pick your target/ Spot on your line of putt. Thereafter, address the golf ball as if the chosen spot is the Hole and roll it to that spot to hole your putts. Remember if you roll it at the right speed, the gravity will take it to the hole. On a breaking putt do not even think about the hole otherwise subconsciously you will end up steering it in that direction instead of your spot. Never set up on to the one side and then try to steer the putt to the hole.

4.        Professionals deal with these putts much more successfully by turning them into straight putts instead of fighting the break. How do they do it? Simply by picking a target/ Spot other than the hole. In the title picture you can clearly see that Tiger is aiming his putter head several cups to the left of the actual cup. He starts the ball directly at this target and allows the slope to work the ball into the hole. When you try this technique, keep in mind that the spot you pick is largely dependent on the speed at which you choose to roll the putt.

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