1.        Hitting the golf ball solid is a constant desire of every golfer and i am going to suggest you a very simple impact drill to become a more consistent ball striker in the game.

2.        I see in a lot of club golfers /amateurs that they tend to roll excessively outwards or even in the worst cases spin-out completely during their golf swing. This lack of stability does not just cause loss of power but a major loss of accuracy as well.

3.        DRILL:– The simple Feel drill is to feel your weight firmly planted on the inside of your left foot ( Front Foot) from impact to all the way through to your  finish.  Remember, Foot work is so important in golf because the golf swing works from the ground up. You will find this action common among the best ball strikers.

4.        So, next time when you are on a range, try focusing on keeping pressure inside edge of your left foot ( for Rt hand Golfer ) and right foot ( for Lt hand Golfer) through the impact zone till you achieve finish position. It is a great feel to have and can be taken to the golf course during  play. This drill is so simple that it can also serve as a nice swing thought as opposed to something overly complicated.

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  1. Giriraj

    Keeping left foot firm is a good idea for Right Hand Golfers. For left hand golfers, it is vice-versa.
    So, in general the Author wants to convey that, it’s the front foot which should be firm…


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