1.        All of us want to play those touchy shots which can stop at the dime or may be dance around the pins on our command. I have noticed that pitching the ball softly around the green is something a lot of amateur players struggle with, but most pros find relatively simple.

2.        To pitch the ball softy onto the green firstly, you have to maintain your spine angle and knee bend/flex as the club pass through the impact. This will keeps your body quiet and promotes a solid strike and better distance control.

3.        Secondly, the important key is to allow the left elbow and wrist to bend immediately after the impact ( Observe in the title pic). This way, the face of the club will stay open and you will be able to create a very soft shot.

4.        If you want to hit soft pitch shots that stop on a dime? Allow your left elbow to bend just after the impact to keep the face open for higher Spin and trajectory. Most importantly remember that its all about allowing the left elbow to bend after the impact and NOT to bend your wrists through impact / post impact.

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