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1.        The real golf shots are faced around the green and if we pay little attention before playing these touchy shots, it can certainly break your Score-Card. My experience tells me that whenever a golfer tries to play his shots around the greens, his entire focus is on to the hole. Whenever, we attempt to make a Putt or a Chip, we just want the golf ball to finish closer to the hole. Although, there is nothing wrong in this technique but it works well when the surface of the greens are relatively flat or flat.

2.        From the Golf Course Architectures point of view the only difficulty Golf Course Designers can add is by creating undulations on the Green Surfaces. This is the primary reason, why in reality you rarely find such flat greens on the golf course. One of the most common and costly mistakes recreational golfers do is that they do not focus enough on greens and tend to leave themselves in a tricky/bad positions. There is a general tendency to hit chips or lag putts in the basic direction of the hole without paying enough attention to the slopes on the greens. This led us to a tricky downhill or side hill putt. You know what I’m talking about..?.

3.        If you are encountering similar situations then you need to pay attention to the shape, design & Undulations of the greens.  So next time when you are on a golf course, Take the time to figure out where on the green, it will provide you a relatively flat or marginally uphill putt. Thereafter concentrate on getting the ball to that spot/area. Believe me, it’s a lot easier to make a straight/ uphill 4 footer instead of 3 footer curling putts. Sometimes, it’s better to play for good leaves on the green rather than always trying to finish closer to the hole.  

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Remember that the faster and more severe the slopes on green, it is more important to plan ahead.

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