EVERY GOLFER’S WISH – “GOD give me an Extra pair of dominant hand”🏌️

The greatest ball striker _Ben Hogan

I wish, I would have had an extra pair of Right Hand for playing great Golf.

Dear Golfers,

1. Let me start by giving you a very famous saying of Ben Hogan. He once said that he had always wished for three right hands to hit the ball. Boom… boom, it certainly sound very interesting & mentally spining quote. Is not it ??. However, over the year his this words of wisdom were grossly misinterpreted by many in the field of golf. Infact, Amateur golfers always believe that it’s their overpowering dominant hand ( Rt hand for Right Hander & Lt hand for Left Hander) is spoiling the party for them. In otherwords , it’s the dominant hand ( Rt for the Right Hander & Lt for the Left Hander) is the one which is responsible for the bad swings.

2. This advice of Ben Hogan has messed up golfers mind for decades because they misunderstood what Ben Hogan actually meant by wishing three Right hands for himself to play best golf in his lifetime. By saying so, what Ben Hogan was essentially emphasizing and meant that the use of Right Hand ( Dominant hand) is absolutely crucial for generating power in the golf swing. In a golf swing, right hand ( Dominant hand ) of a golfer’s act as a main source of power and left hand assume the role of directional hand.

3. In an attempt to involve the right hand too early, many golfers allow their arms to straighten and make their wrists to flatten much before the impact. This move causes lot of errors at a vital stages of the swing. One of the typical result from this casting move is a lack of power and a lot of slices and over-the-top pulls.

4. It is absolutely essential to understand the term ‘ Casting ‘ & ‘Creating Lag’ . Let me help you to understand these most important terms used in golf instruction for owning a powerful Swing.

(a) CASTING :- The term Casting in golf means an early release of the golf club before the impact during the downswing. It is also responsible for loss of power and generate excessive spin on the golf ball. This invariably result in a weak impact position with the left wrist being cupped at impact.


” Casting move in a golf swing is a BIG – BIG NO. It robe your tons of power and turns your beautiful looking swings into a fruitless efforts “.

(b) LAG :- It is primarily the angle between the shaft and the left forearm in the downswing. It is created by delaying the release of club head in a downswing. The longer time your wrists can maintain this angle more  lag will generate in the golf swing. Creting lag is the hidden move in the golf swing  and all powerful hitters have it common in them. They turn a seemingly smooth and rhythmic movement into a power house of producing impressive distances.

5. If you delay the release of club head ,the accumulated Lag in the swing will show up onto the club shaft. I want you to take a notice of the picture frame of a golfer below πŸ‘‡πŸŒοΈ.


6. You will notice that a bend is visible on the shaft of the golf club. This is how an accumulated Lag will look in a golf swing. It will also give a much needed additional power to the golf club coupled with the spring like effect on back of the golf ball.

Creating LAG in a golf swing is an ABSOLUTE necessity. It provides you a tons of power and turns your amaturish looking swings into a power house of fruitlful efforts “.

7. The correct technique for using the right hand is perfectly displayed in the above picture….πŸ‘† & Let me explain to you how you can achieve this ..πŸ‘‡

8. My suggestion is that Instead of straightening early, notice how this golfer in the picture is keeping his right arm marginally bent at the elbow and also retained his right wrist bent back approaching impact position. This combination will effectively sustains the acceleration of the club head while facilitating the correct rotation of the your lower body, creating tons of power with ease in the Swing.


9. You have to make sure that your right elbow should always remain in front of your right hip during the downswing. You should also retain an angle or bend created between your right wrist & club shaft as long as you can and release it just before impact. Take a careful re-look at the picture just above for a better understanding and visualization of these positions which are occuring in the golf swing. This move will deliver Or release the club head with tons of power into the golf ball. It will certainly give you a tremendous advantage in term of distances and make you look effortless in your endeavours.

10. I will suggest two Drill to achieve better lag in the golf swing :-

(a). ONE HAND ONLY Drill – This is a great drill for feeling the way lag can add power to your swing.  Using your right hand only (for a right handed golfer – it would be the left hand for a lefty player), grab one of your short irons and make a few swings at the range.  At first, you probably won’t be able to apply much speed to the swing, because you will only have the use of one hand.  However, if you start to learn how to lag the club behind your right hand, you will quickly find that you can create much more speed than it seemed at first.

(b) FEET TOGETHER Drill – On the range, take one of your short or mid-irons from the bag and hit a few shots with your feet together instead of your normal stance. You will stand with your feet touching each other at address.  This will make it nearly impossible to use your lower body in the swing. Therefore, you will have to use lag and a full release in order to produce any speed in your swing.

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4 thoughts on “EVERY GOLFER’S WISH – “GOD give me an Extra pair of dominant hand”🏌️

  1. Yk

    Brings out a very important aspect for making a good golf swing/shot. With this input I can now identify my own mistake to work on. Thanx


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