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“Always prefer to have a good compass over a detailed map, because it will definately take you where you need to go”.

1. Imagine you are doing a Scuba Diving deep in the sea among the beautiful coral life out there. You know exactly how to move at each moment. There is no future, no past, you are witnessing just the ‘Present’. Probably, it’s the first time, You feel the presence of your breath so clearly, noticed the moment of your body and have increased your consciousness which are united as a single entity. You get so completely immersed in the experience and not thinking about anything. Also you are not distracted by your accumulated worries. You will realise in no time that your ego get dissolve and you become a part of what you are doing beneath the sea surface. And if you stay little longer out there, you will momentarily forget that you live on a land surface. This is the power of FLOW and I will say -” BE THE WATER MY FRIENDS”. Take a moment to see the video and try to relate your own experiences with it.

2. When I say flow , I mean channelizing your thoughts , energy and efforts in a single dimension for achieving a concrete objective. Playing better Golf require this flow for your progression on the golf course. The point, I am trying to drive home is that we have all felt our sense of time vanish when we lose ourselves in an activity we enjoy. This is the key to achieve and take benefit from the power of flow for realising an extraordinary achivements & success.

3. It is possible that someone among us may not have had such first hand experiences and that’s why I say that who have not had such experiences like the Scuba divining, will never realise, how beautiful and colourful life is beneath the sea surface Or for someone who has not flown or climbed a Cliff or mountain will also not realise how good the horizon look from those hights. What I am trying to convey is that if we have not seen certain things yet, it does not mean that they don’t exist. Similarly the power of flow do exist and we just need to find it for enriching experience.The very state in which people get so involved that nothing else seems to matter. But to achieve this state of being, it require high doses of concentration that would promote flow around us. It is most essential for any athlete, essentially the ⛳ golfers to establish this flow for achieving perfection in their endeavours.

4. In order to achieve this optimal experience of finding your own flow, I would suggest that we must focus on increasing the time we spend on activities that bring us to the state of flow rather than just allowing ourselves to get caught up in activities that offer immediate pleasures.

5. I would suggest that,you can employ several strategies to increase your chances of achieving powerful flow in your endeavours :-

(a) Firstly, Choose a task which is slightly outside your comfort zone.

(b) thereafter, Add a moderate amount of difficulty to it . For example:-

# To achieve (+18) Handicap by the end of the month.

# To achieve 10 Consequtive round with no Double Bogey (+2 to the Par).

# To complete 7 Consequtive round without finding a bunker.

# Not to make 3 putts during the entire months etc. etc .

#. May be to find yourself in Top 5 of your class or crack a particular competitive exam.

#. May be to write a concept paper for adding a better predictability, reliability and efficiency in the existing model or in a system which falls within the circle of your competence.

#*** You can choose your goal as per your liking or the area in which you would like to find or establish the power of Flow.

(c). Therafter, Make sure you have a clear and concrete objective in mind to follow because having a clear objective is important in achieving the desired flow.

(d) Regulate your distractions. For e.g no wttsapping or texting during the round. Take a technological fasting during the practice sessions for indepth learnings. etc etc. I would say , choose your fasting methodology as per your comfort and objectives in mind.

(e). Most importantly, Keep your concentration on one thing at a time. Believe me, it’s the single most important factor in achieving your flow.

(f) Do not practice multitasking because it is the single most interference in finding your flow.

6. To find the runway of your success, It is extremely important to have a compass pointing to a concrete objective than to have an entire map. Now, I would like you to remember the experience of Google Map, it’s so detailed that sometimes a car driver find himself trapped into the small and tight narrow lanes where turns are almost at 90deg angles and he can not even turn his vehicle. The net result is that he got stuck for the time being despite having a most detailed map on his mobile device. Here, the point , I am trying to highlight is that although Google map is absolutely right but it is so detailed that algorithm automatically find the shortest route for you without realising the size of your Car or SUV or MUV. This is the precise reason that I am huge beliver of using the principle of compass over maps as a tool to naviagte through the world of uncertainties for higher achievements and suggest the same for you.

Use principle of 🧭 Compass 🧭 over Maps.

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  3. Lipika

    This is such an insightful piece of motivation for me right now. So perfect! Can’t wait to read more from your blog.
    Very well and beautifully explained.


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