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” GOLF GPS WEARABLES & DMDs are the digitally living and vibrating ❤️ Hearts❤️ of your golf Equipments. Do not forget to add them into your arsenal to concur the golf courses ⛳🏌️”

1. Technological advancements have significantly changed the way we approach various discipline of Sports. When it comes to Golf, there has been a countless and continuous improvements over the year especially in golf equipments. From the time when golfers used to play this game with wooden clubs and balata golf balls, since then a lot has changed. If you look around, you will see that golf equipment manufacturers are  intensely focused  on two aspects. Firstly, how to enlarge the sweet-spot area of the golf club with in the prescribed limit and secondly how to increase the forgiveness in the club head. Further a close attention has revealed that every new model of golf clubs released  in the market will have  a very – very marginal improvements over the previous version. But, they are still considered  important enough to make the game easier for those who live to play it. I have no doubt in mind that these new  and marginally significant inventions will helps golfers. But on a personal account, I feel that their ability to make improvements in one’s golf game is still limited despite the company’s tall and exaggerated  claims which are primarily projected  from the marketing perspective.

2.  Let me give a simple yet practical perspective to you. For example – Suppose,you have recently purchased the most expensive golf set available in the market presumably with tall claims of forgiveness and largest sweet-spot area possible. Next day you go out to play the golf and while playing a Hole (PAR 4 ), you have nailed your driver absolute straight and down in the middle of the fairway. After reaching at your golf ball , you have looked around the yardage markers and also made a casual enquiry from your caddy  about the distance involved in the second shot ( Say it was 160 yard to the pin). You have promptly took-out your favourite 7 iron and swung it well. Your sternun stayed centred onto the golf ball, everything went smooth and rhythmic through the shot. You watched your golf ball rising up towards the flag ⛳  stick, just like a British-French made turbo-jet powered supersonic Concorde airliner took-off from the runway. Ironically, before you could cherish the joy of your golf shot, you saw that golf ball found the front Bunker on a short-side to the green or may be over flew it. Boom – boom,  I am sorry to say that your self earned cheerable opportunity quickly turned into a nightmare and frustration. Practically, you have witnessed the fruits of your most expensive clubs went down the drain and drastically reduced your chances of saving the PAR . GUESS?? Who is the biggest culprit ? Is it your mindset to pay least attention to look for the exact distances around the green inorder to make a well informed decison on your  club selection ?. The answer is probably yes.  If you would have been using a Golf GPS wearable device or a Laser range finder , you would have exactly  known the distances from your golf ball to the various sections of the green. Let us say , it was 152 yard  to the front, 160 yard to the center and 170 yard to the back of the green. In such situations, retrospectively a smart  and observant golfer would think  that had he to taken a different -iron then most likely , he would have taken those nasty bunkers out of the equations.  This is the reason, why I say that knowing the exact distances not only to the front, center, and back of the green but also from those  neatly raked short-sided bunkers is extremely important than knowing your distance just to the pin. Now after watching such countless  joys turning into nightmares, it intrigued me to think about a very vital Question directly involved in playing a good golf .

Q :–  What is the most important and critical aspect for a better scoring in golf ??  Is it the expensive Golf Equipments or the  Accurate knowledge of various Distances to the Hazards or Greens / Flag ..?

A:- A Common answer would be ” Probably both” but if you ask me to answer it, well then I would say ” THE KNOWLEDGE OF ACCURATE DISTANCES TO VARIOUS TARGETS. Why , I am saying so is because if a golfer will know the accurate distances to various hazards, Or front – centre -& rear parts of the greens Viz-a-Viz  his skills and  capabilities then he can make a better decision in club selection and stand a higher probability/ chances of scoring better .

3.  This is the precise reason that I felt it’s important  to write about the most ignored and undermined but significantly helpful Equipment. These are popularly known as ‘ GOLF GPS Watches & Distance Measuring Devices ( DMDs). Allow me to give you a quick  brief on it.  A DMDs /Rangefinder is a device that measures the distance of a target from the observer. Golfers uses rangefinders to have a clear idea about the distances to the various targets of their interest (like flag, Water bodies, Hazards, Various section of the greens). They can be used on different fields like golf, hunting, forestry etc. However, Laser Rangefinders will give you the most accurate yardage to any target you can see, upto 700 to 1000 yards. Most of them will have magnification capabilities and are as easy to use as a point-and-shoot camera. Rangefinders will work on any golf course in any conditions and their batteries will last many rounds. It is a proven fact that even if you do not know the accurate distances or doing a maths while standing at your golf ball then your most expensive golf set will have a very little meaning. It’s like you have bought a new Porche but only filled her with a 1 Ltr Diesel.  That’s why I say that the GPS GOLF WATCHES & DMDs / laser Rangefinders help make things a lot easier for us on the golf course. They will not only help you to identify your own distances with each irons /wedges or Woods but also take a guesswork of yardages out of your game . Personally, I am a big-time advocate of these devices and feel that they should be allowed( except Slope Edition) at all levels of the game for better and faster play.  I myself uses the Golf GPS wearable devices & DMDs, which I absolutely love it.

4. Do a Golfer need GOLF GPS Watches or a laser rangefinder?

Let’s me end this straight way for you . These are absolute essential and  must have for all golfers, irrespective of  their skill level. I call them as a digitally alive and vibrating ❤️ Heart of your golf Equipments. Trust me, you are worthy of it ! and   you need one of them urgently instead of buying a new golf set. If you love to play golf then you should have a GOLF GPS Watch or a golf laser rangefinder. These are akin to the acceleration paddle of your car, without which you can not take over others in the Golf Championships. Now this brings me to the next logical question ??

5. How does these Golf GPS Wearables and Laser Rangefinders can help you to improve your golf  scores ??

(a).  You will have a much better understanding of your clubbing. This will help you to determine, how far you actually hit each club. You can build your own yardages for each club.

(b).  Whenever you will hit your golf shots like a Concorde supersonic jet airliner taking-off  from a runway, you will be rewarded by being on the green instead of over the green or in the front bunker.

(c).  During your round of golf, you will never be indecisive as to which  club to hit.  Because now you will know all the distances  accurately to your  intended targets.

(d)  There will be no need to search for a marked sprinkler head or course yardge plates anymore. You will always have the accurate distance on your wrist right irrespective of your position on the golf course .

(e)  As a result of all these factors,  I am absolutely certain that you will see your scores improve in a fairly short time! . Additionally, good news is that without changing your golf swing you will become a best  scorer in your foursome.

6. Well, bynow you know very well as to why you need a GOLF GPS Watch or a golf laser rangefinder to play a better golf and this bring me to the  most logical question and that is’ what types of golf laser Rangefinders is best for you and which one I will prefer to buy for myself ??

A:-  Primarily there are two  kind of rangefinder which are very popular among the golfers. Firstly the GOLF GPS WATCHES & secondly the  LASER RANGEFINDERS. Although both the devices are good but I personally feel that in today’s age of fast and furious world wearable devices have an advantage over the handheld devices.  If I had to make a  decision for myself or to make suggestion to my fellow golfers, I would recommend “GARMIN GPS GOLF WEARABLES”. You must be wondering why I am saying so ??. The simple reason is that firstly, GARMIN is world leader in GPS Navigation & Technology Services. Secondly, GARMIN GPS Watches not only assist you in determining your accurate yardages at golf courses but also act as your personal health monitor for various other activites besides making a style statement inside and outside the Boardrooms. Also, during the foggy and rainy days , it’s a lot more easier  to use the wrist wearable than the hand held devices. My personal favourite would be ” Approach S-60″.

7. If you can just glance down at your watch, then you immediately know the whole picture. I think golfers sometimes forget that greens are quite large, and can offer upwards of 3 club possibilities depending on how deep they are. When you can consider all of the yardages on the green, it will help to remind you that you might want to take an extra club, or one less club depending on the situation.

8. What you have to do is :-👆👆 Just glance down at your watch and you will immediately know the whole picture”.


9. In my caveat I would say that ” it would not be rational to think that just buying these GPS enabled Golf devices / DMDs will change your game overnight. I would sincerely urge to use these new and technologically advanced devices during your round and consider them as one of your statistics monitoring platform to identify your strengths, crystallizing the yardages of each club and minimize your mistakes in real time on the golf course. If you do that then you are definitely on a path of progression and soon you will be holding a Sparkling Crystal Trophy in your artistic hands.

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