Does marking an alignment-line on the golf ball increases the likelihood of holing more putts at all times ..?

1. Dear Golfers ⛳, While playing golf with my fellow golfers , I have observed that many of them mark their golf ball in different ways. Also, very carefully they align their marked line with the lines marked by the manufacturers on their putter heads . They follow the same ritual irrespective of the distance involved in the putt. Further, I did observe that despite their godly rituals, the repetitive outcome of their putts, grossly differ from similar distances. These observations led me to think, study, experiment and analyse the impact of Line or no Line marked on the golf ball and how it can be more gainfully utilised for better putting performance.

2. Regardless of the level you play the sport and even if you have not done it yourself but surely must have played with someone who take a ridiculous amount of time trying to precisely line up his putt. In our respective journey, all of us have drawn a line on the golf ball and expected a miracle to happen. Meticulous line-based alignment of ball with the putter head, sometimes get annoying to the other members of foursome and also contribute to the slow pace of play. However, if usage of marked line lead to making a higher percentage putts, then the extra time spent on the precise alignment is arguably justified. We have seen event broadcast on TV or otherwise, where professional golfers across all major tours draw lines on their golf balls. The adopted theory is that if professional player do it then you as a amateurs will certainly mirror the behavior without giving meaningful thoughts. Similarly, We also mark our golf with a line on it, but never bothered to test ourselves to find out if that line marking actually improves your putting? Now the moot question is whether marking an alignment-line on the golf ball at all increases the likelihood of holing putts?.. And what if it does not help you all the time. This is the precise question, I am dealing with in my today’s blog.

3. With this intriguing thought, I dived into this experiment and my extensive study in this regard has revealed certain intersting observations :- 👇

(a) Over a period of time , I have found that if you putt from the inside 10 feet circle of the hole while using the golf ball which is marked with an ‘Alignment Line’, then it has resulted into a more single putts and fewer two putts. The main reason for this success rate is that due to the visual reference of the marked Line , mind had given the precedence to directionality over the pace and distance control within 10 feet circle of the hole. simply speaking, it means that the our unconscious mind direct the conscious mind ( that is body movements ) accordingly to concentrate on to the most important aspect of the task in hand and net result is that we end up holing more putts. Surprisingly, Our mind is structured in such a fashion that it require singular focus and attention to give exceptional results. In golfing terms, it translates into holing more putts per which improves our handicap and help to shoot low numbers on your scoring card. Hence in my opinion, golfers will certainly derive huge benefit, if they utilise the alignment-Line marked on their golf ball whenever they are putting within the 10 feet circle of the hole.

➡️ Contrarily, If you align your putt with the non-marked side of the golf ball, then mind will automatically start focusing on the pace & distance control instead of directionality of the ball thereby seriously hampering the positive outcome from your putting stroke.

(b) Whenever a putt is made from outside this magical 10 feet circle & beyond , aligning the golf balls in a similar fashion as in the case of inside 10 feet circle has not resulted into the encouraging results. Rather, it has been noticed that whenever golf ball was aligned from the plain side of the ball with the putter head , then a better putting performance have emerged . This way of alignment has substantially improved the lag putting and drastically reduced the probability of making 3 putts per round. The simple reason for this outstanding success is that when you address the golf ball from the non marked side before taking the putting stroke, the mind will automatically rearrange the immediate priority in hand and will give singular focus to the pace and distance control for longer putts.

➡️ Contrarily, there is a noticeable results which suggested that if you make a putt from a longer distances by aligning the marked-line on the golf ball with the putter head has resulted into a poor pace and distance control on putts.

4. The TAKEAWAYS :- 👇

🏌️- While Putting Inside the 10 feet Circle of the Hole, align your putter with the Line marked on the golf ball for holing single putts more often.

🏌️ – While Putting Outside the 10 feet Circle and beyond, you should make more use of the alignment marked on your putter head and align it with the unmarked side of the golf ball (whether it’s from the side of brand logo or the marked-Line by the manufacturers) for holing more putts and will drastically reduce 3 putts.

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