Hello everyone, Every single soul living in this universe want to achieve their dreams and are willing to go to any length to make it happen. However, you will find that despite their all out efforts, the intended dream either remain unrealised or partially fulfilled. I find that word ‘ Dream’ is emphasised at every stage of our lives irrespective of our profession but mostly spoken in to an isolation. Dream Big – Dream Big and keep on dreaming has become a constant mantra of preaching in this world. I do agree that everything start with an ideas or a dreams that germinate in our mind, before they take a shape of reality. I am of the firm believer that without clear life Goals & efforts, dreams will have a little meaning. In fact, Dream, Goal & Efforts make an equilateral triangle with each other. If anyone of them is missing, then the beautiful symmetry will be lost and your dream will remain unfulfilled or unrealised. This led me to think deeper into this mystery to find some answers to it. So the question is how you and I can realise our dreams ?

Dream, Goal and Efforts make an equilateral triangle of success. Make sure that a beautiful Symmetry is maintained to fuel your dreams and achieve success in your personal and professional life.

Well, every dream require a goal setting and every goal setting will involve certain amount of inherent risk. When we think of word “ Risk”, we tend to imagine life-death situations. Probably those rare make -or- break choices that comes in our path once in a blue moon. You will realise that the way term “Risk” is understood is certainly not a life & death situations, but it is something we deal with it in our every day life in various forms. Whatever you do in your life is and will always have an inherent risks irrespective of their dimensions. The problem is that most of us have a flawed understandingly what risk really means?. We see it in terms of cause and effect. Like , if we do this thing , this will happen and so on so forth , but life is rarely that simple. How can you determine if a risk is worth taking ,if you do not have a clear goal ?. It’s impossible to achieve it. So first thing is that you need to define your life goal and visualise it in your mind . For example ,if you are thinking of a career move for money , then ask your self what you want it for ?, and what it will take to achieve that goal. At the end of day, the rationale behind every risk we take is always the same : the price of achieving our goal without risk is just too high. Let me give you an example here : you want to buy a house of a certain size , in a certain location/ locality, at a certain price. Now , you might find the perfect house but have to pay more to buy it. The risk-free option is pay the whatever price necessary to get the house but it may not be possible for you. What do you do ? , you take risk of either in the form of waiting for the real estate market to take a dip or take a risk at another level to build up your corpus to pay the money needed. What I am trying to convey here is that both ways you are taking a risk to realise your goal. Now, you can say with credibility that dreams, goals & risks are intertwined and rarely separable.

Every Risk Should Be Taken in Service Of A Clearly Defined Goal. The Way We Perceive Risk are not always entirely rational.

Let me give you an another example :- Do you play the lottery .? May be or May be not. However , it’s a fair bet that these lottery buyers knows that they probably won’t win or chances of hitting the million or lacs are rare. You must be wondering, why people still buy it ?. Well because the potential losses outweighs the potential positives and that’s why you buy the lottery tickets. Let’s be fair to accept that not every goal is going to have a risk-free option and sometime, the risk-free option actually may not be possible ( remember my earlier example of buying the house ) or desirable. When you look at all the potential outcomes of a risk in realising your dream , you attach an emotional value to each one. It’s important to protect yourself against uncertainties as well as risk but in a highly-charged volatile situations, it’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us and may disrupt our carefully designed plan of achieving our goal and realising our dream. Risk management is not an exact science and it can disrupt our dreams in many ways. People are unpredictable and there is just no way, you can plan for every possible scenario.

Do not be afraid of taking risk in full filling your dreams provided potential losses outweigh the potential positives. Understand it and see it an opportunity to grow and prosper.

I would say that , there are few tips to keep in mind that will allow you to stay as flexible as possible in realising your dream. Firstly, carefully set your goals duly calibrated with your true potential and ability. Thereafter in your journey to achieve them, stay open to the new ideas, strategy or suggestions even if they come form your subordinates and if necessary tweak them to realise your life goals. Believe, me in saying so that no one will think less of you , if you learn to temper tour expertise with humility. Secondly, identify your goal clearly and crystalline it in time. Thirdly, allow yourself the freedom of change if situations so demand keeping overall goal in mind. Because open mind would not be of any help unless you have the courage to make a change in yourself . Every efforts must be made with full zeal and diligently towards your intended goal. Whatever , it may be, do not leave any stone unturned in your circle of influence to meet your life goal. Fourthly, it’s incredibly important to make sure that we are not becoming over-reliant on technology. Why do I say so is that the same tools can be used against us to crush our dreams. Tech should be working for you and any tendencies of over-reliant on it may create a serious impediment in realising your life’s dream and robe you from becoming successful. The structural integrity between Your Dreams- ↔️ – Goals- ↔️ – Efforts must be maintained at all times for an absolute Success.

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6 thoughts on “SUCCESS REDEFINED

  1. Vineet Sharma

    Key takeaway for me is “”flawed understandingly what risk really means?”if we understand this and can evaluate vis a vis our own surrounding and capabilities their cannot be an occasion of failure


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