Wet Conditions & It’s impact on the Golf Ball

Hello Everyone, Golf is a day light sport and passing rain showers or a proper rainy season are the real possibilities in which you play this sport. We rarely think about the effect of wet surface of the golf ball on our golf game . Bytheve, DID YOU KNOW ? that “A golf ball will perform differently “if it is wet Vs when it’s dry”. To my understanding, I felt that Golfers must know as to how much difference does it make? and why you should know and how does it matter to you?

What if, it is wet Vs when it’s dry..?

Whenever you play golf under wet conditions, please be aware that the wet surface of the golf ball will decrease the Spin rate by approximately 2000 to 2500 RPM whenever it’s hit by the club head. The spin rate will depend on what type of golf ball you are using or playing with . This wet surface of the golf ball will effect your launch angle and peak height resulting in to an extra likely gain of about 2 to 3 yards in your distances. So be aware of this fact whenever you play golf in wet conditions or immediately after rain on a golf course. Additionally, Golf ball with 2-piece construction and matte surface finish will get affected more significantly by the moisture on its surface. This little piece of information will help you in selecting the correct club for every shot under such conditions.

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