Hello Everyone, Over the weekend, I was mulling over a simple thought that we have made scales to measure everything around us. For example, If you are a doctor, you have certain reference values against which the health parameters are checked. If you are an engineer,then depending on the particular discipline of the branch of engineering, you have a different set of values against which you Calibrate and Recalibrate things & instruments to maintain certain professional standards. If you are in a business of aviation, well then you routinely calibrate / recalibrate the 🧭 compass of an aeroplane. This predominantly measuring ideology has made us too much number and appraisal oriented. This aspect of calibration and recalibration caught my attention and I decided to take a little dive into its definition. In terms of avaition, Compass calibration typically involves two steps. First, compass compensators are adjusted to minimize the influence of aircraft-induced fields that generate errors; and second, a correction card is prepared to indicate remaining error. I have found this definition quite fascinating especially because it can be related to life as such. Like aeroplanes, we are also floating in this universe ( not literally) with an unique speed, our respective heights and moving forward in our own air spaces. This striking similarities made me to ask myself a question ?- ” Can recalibration of our expectations about life lead us to a greater life satisfaction”.? This was the real question, I was pondering upon.??

As a human, we have decided to define values, parameters, methods to calibrate and recalibration in every field possible EXCEPT our own self. Does, it appears to you astonishing..?? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are right, In retrospection, it’s indeed very surprising to witness our lackadaisical behaviour of not recalibrating our expectations as we move forward through our life cycle. There are so many occasions when you would have realistically realised that you deserved much more than what life has given you in return compare to your efforts. More often, you would have also felt that your sinceirty, hard work, deligence, good behaviour and humanly conduct had lost its meaning in your professional and personal life .

In the midst of this little psychological warfare we engaged ourselves, I would say that there is nothing wrong to think this way and it’s absolutely normal for us to have a similar thoughts, but i would say that ‘ Life is a Big Canvass of rainbow painted by a God with his own brush of vibarant colours ‘. I wonder as to why we as human invariably decide to develop a selective colour blindness and funnel vision in looking at our own life. This kind of approach seriously hamper our ability to see and appreciate the other beautiful colours of rainbows on our life canvass. Like avaition, there must have been few things which were Situational – induced and must have been understood as misalignments, differently perceived or sometimes misinterpreted by others in their actions towards you. I say , whatever it is or whatever it was , let’s call it “Fair Enough” and move on towards a higher purpose in life. I would say that you have to use your own compensators effectively to adjust and minimize the influence of these Life-induced fields and thereafter apply the self correction for a happy life. Let me make one thing very clear to you that, it’s you and only you who can calibrate or recalibrate your life midway to find happiness forever.

In this age of periodic gradings, appraisals and number crunching , it’s a real possibility that somewhere half-way in life you get grappled with thoughts like, things haven’t turned out the way you expected or envisioned them. All of a sudden, you might start to see peers assume positions and you realize that your career pathway is not going to lead you to that kind of outcome. You start taking a more intense self-centered or self-absorbed outlook on life. Infact, our obsessive habit of comparing ourselves with others have caused more harm than good and will continue to work against our advantage. Although, It might be true that your expectations of life are not the same as they used to be but I suggest that you stay more inclined to use your skills in an array of different activities which might be divergent to your current job but no less meaningful in overall scheme of things in life. You need to come out of your regressive mindset with a new and revived attitudes, fresh routines , new perspectives and prospects. The most enlightening thought is that you can now restructure your life with your own terms like you have always envisioned.

I would suggest that idea of doing slow-motion emotional reboot of ourselves can certainly make the years during mid-life surprisingly satisfying and evolution should wire us to reboot. I did spent some meaningful time in exploring the science of the happiness curve and its relationship with age. But, I did not understand the entire matrix until I have realized that it is not a matrix about me Or about you, It is about us. The happiness curve seems to be imprinted on us as a way to repurpose us for a changing role in society as we age, a role that is less about ambition and competition, and more about connection and compassion. Medical advancements, modern medicine and increasing public health have already extended our life Span and they will add more years in the future. We are in the process of upturn on the happines curve and it would be appropriate to call this new stage of life “Advanced Mature Adulthood”. Whatever you call it, it is a gift of life and you deserve it to live happily.

Your newly acquired focus on how to live life will change the life itself. Your expectations will turn into here and now instead of searching meaningless ifs and buts. Remember, you don’t have to be in a mid-life transition to take stock and ask questions about your life. Anytime is a good time to think about it, how you are living and how you can recalibrate your life, whatever age you happen to be in..? Do not wait for someone else to calibrate life for you. Take the lead and do it yourself. No one is more qualified in minimising the life influenced-induced field and adjust your 🧭 compass compensators to find the curve of Happiness except YOU and ONLY YOU.

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  2. nirmal kharb

    Amazing 👌wow. I lost completely while reading the post. I thought it is so much related to my/everyone’s life.
    Truly concluded is that we are the masters of our own life specially related to happiness

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