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Imparting spin on the golf ball is a little overrated skill in the game of golf. I often meet people on the golf course, who are so much perturbed on themselves, because of their inability to impart spin on the golf ball. I would say that, if you hit your pitching wedge 120 yards on an average, then you want it to go 120 yards when you hit it and it goes, then a thought of spin should not trouble you. To my mind , what you don’t want is a golf ball that flies 120 yards and comes back 15 feet ⛳️ leaving you a longer putt instead of gimme. If that happens, you will loose out the advantage of hitting your wedges close to flag and miss out on making Birdies. This predominant thought of generating spin comes from the over imitation of tour pros as witnessed by the amateurs over the TV Broadcast. I want you to know that tour pros, hit their shots keeping lot of things in mind like i.e slopes of the green , fresh groves on the wedge, lie of the ball and ability to impart clean downward blow on to the golf ball to create desired spin. However , even for tour pros it’s not a win – win situation all the time. You must have noticed that so many times they loose the advantage of having hit a better shot because of imparting too much spin on the golf ball leaving them into long putts and sometimes chipping back onto the greens.

Play the Golf Ball which suits your game and not the one which are being advertised by the respective brand ambassadors .

I agree that we all love the way such shot looks on the TV, but what you need is green-side control, and that doesn’t always want the ball that spins the most with your wedge. The right ball for you is one that performs well over the entire golf course. Let me answer few questions for you ..?.

Q No 1 : What is compression and what does it mean for you ?

Ans : Compression is a measure of firmness and is most commonly associated with feel. The higher the compression value, the harder the ball will feel on the club head. There is not creatively way to find out the constant compression rate at different speed, because of numerous conditions and variables. I would say that what’s important is finding a ball that provides the right balance of performance for your game. The consideration for feel should be a secondary consideration over the distances, when choosing a ball.

Q No 2 : Do you play with a golf ball which is fished out of pond..??

Ans. I would say then, if you are playing with golf balls that are fished out of pond and sold to you, then I would say please do not play with them. Why do I say say so :👇

Golf balls that have been submerged for a long period of time can actually become waterlogged. Golf ball cores are hydroscopic. That means they absorb water. If enough is absorbed, it can lower the compression of the golf ball and will slow down the ball resulting into robbing your tons of distance on each golf shots.

I say that a bad shot may not always be your fault because the issues can be traced to hydroscopic properties of the golf ball and also manufacturing inconsistencies (ball not round, layers not centered, or a dimple irregularity). These irregularities can cause inconsistent in your carry distances.

I want you to be aware of these facts and think twice before you buy a fished-out golf ball. I do agree that, It will cost you less but rest assure, it will never let you to witness your own true potential at golf course. So take your call ?, Recalibrate your happiness curve ?. Do not overthink about spins on the golf balls and make a better conscious decision in your purchases.

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      1. shandiliavin

        Play the Golf Ball which suits your game and not the one which are being advertised by the respective brand ambassadors . thanks for valuable advice spl for beginners


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