Hello Everyone πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹,

For compressing the golf ball, you need to clip the ball first before you make contact with the ground. To make this happen, the moot question is, how steep should you be?

A great way to practice the perfect descending blow into the ball is to try to mimic my position in the photo above πŸ‘†. You will see, how my hands are just ahead of the ball, my hips have rotated, and my head position is absolute still and slightly behind the ball. This is the position you should be having at impact, but reaching there is very much possible for all skill level of golfers, provided you are willing to spend some meaningful practice time at golf range β›³.

To get started, try my tee-flip drill. I would suggest that take a tee, and place it in front of the ball (toward the target- line ). Push it into the ground so it’s snug and doesn’t pop out too easily.

Now, make a swing at the the ball on the practice range ! If you execute the proper downswing, you should not only hit the tee, but also be able to pop the tee out of the ground.

Practice this drill, if you feel that you are hitting it too fat or too thin. You will quickly be on your way toward making crisper contact.

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  1. shriram singh

    Dear Sir,

    So innovative.

    Will it be practical when it is the rainy season or moisture is in abundance.

    I will try when I visit golf course next.

    Best wishes,



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