Hello friends,

“ Small Wins are massive motivators.

But we rarely recognise them”

I read this quote and it has really moved me. Although, written in a simple words but conveys an extremely powerful message. It’s tells us to take a momentary pause and look around , enjoy those small – small wins, which are in reality form staircase to reach to your bigger goal. The message conveyed, just resonates in you.

In this super hectic, fast charging, never sleeping 🌍 world, we rarely take out time to celebrate our first steps, small steps, or half way wins. Actually , there is no concept of celebrating such wins exist in our minds. You must be wondering why I am saying so..?…

Because it was never taught to us this way. Rather on the contrary, we were constantly fed with a repeated instructions which remind us that “ never take breaks on the way till you reach your goal’ or ‘ if you pause for a moment, your existence in the world will vanish’ or it’s too early to celebrate your win, and bla, bla, bla,….

I have come to believe that celebrating Small wins Or Progressive steps will always act as a powerful catalyst and motivates to do even better and kind of propel you forward till you realise your goal. It can be anything , your studies, prep for PG courses, writing GMAT OR TOFELS, Or preparing for Cambridge, Harvard or Princeton Universities or doing any Office projects or for start ups entrepreneurs.

Let me say that “Do one small task at a time & do it right” is the mantra of sure success in that particular task which will lead to realisation of your goal much faster. And like-wise, if you keep on adding these small -small tasks everyday, you are bound to create an unshakable solid foundation for yourself. POMODORO TECHNIQUE is one of the effective tools 🛠 which allow you to grow each day and also let you to celebrate your wins on the way to achieve higher purpose in life.

There is no denial of the fact that world is full with infinity pool of distractions. In every forum possible, you will hear or see on a U Tube Channel as, how to keep your self away from never stopping digital life, or an urge of constant messaging, checking notifications which causes havoc on your productivity. Among all this craziness, a plethora of “ Gyan Gurus” have taken birth who are suggesting their own methodology to keep away from constant distractions and stay stress free among all this digital life.

Unfortunately, the world is moving forward , new technologies are being developed, every day and the algorithms are becoming much smarter and more powerful. To my surprise, I have discovered that, there are apps which measures the level of your mental health solely on the basis of your search and surfing history on the internet.

Now among all this, I would say instead of vehemently fighting this constant urge of staying away , I suggest that take control of it and use it to increase our productivity and that’s where the POMODORO TECHNIQUE perfectly fits in the entire scheme of things.

The POMODORO TECHNIQUE is a productivity and time management strategy, where you work for 25 minutes straight and then take a 5 minute break. After you have done 4 POMODOROS ( I.e 25×4 = 100 minutes). It is recommended that you should take a 15 to 20 min longer break. This technique was invented by Francisco Cirillo , somewhere in 80’s as a primary mean to study effectively. Since , he used a timer in the shape of a tomato, hence it has been named as POMODORO ( means tomato 🍅 in Italian Language) Probably , we must have been using or used this technique in our lives without even knowing that there is something like this exits.

POMODORO is a real productivity tool to enhance real time value in your work space.

I personally find numerous benefit of this technique. Firstly , it is a very effective tool of getting things done in a time bound manner. You can also use it to process and organise your work schedule and then rely on the POMODORO TECHNIQUE to get it done.

It’s perfectly okay, if at first instance you do not know or you are not sure as to how long something will take to finish it..??. The beautiful part of the technique is that it allows you to break big tasks into a few smaller task and once you apply POMODORO to it, you can literally see yourself climbing and conquering the perceived gigantic task in a phased manner without missing out the fun ( in form of breaks)on the way up to your destination.

The basic tenets of the mind is that it’s not designed or configured to stay focused on one thing for a very longer period. If mind would have been configured otherwise then, mediation trainer, wellness spa, and life coaches perhaps would have lost their relevance long time back. But in reality that’s not the case , rather they are on the rise, more and more people seek help to stay mentally healthy and focused.

POMODORO TECHNIQUE is one of the perfect way to integrate your Daily / weekly / monthly tasks and meet realistic goals. Allot time slots during your day to incorporate the POMODORO Technique as the priority and urgency of the task in hand.

“ What we need is something sustainable. Something balanced. Something deliberate without being forced. Purposeful without being obsessed with productivity”

Adoption of POMODORO TECHNIQUE will not only give you the intended results, you are looking for , but will also provide the tremendous health benefits by encouraging you to develop healthy habits. You must be wondering , how….????…👇👇👇👇👇👇👇⤵️⤵️

# 🎯. it will instantly improve your concentration and blood circulation.

# 🎯. It will decreased you back pain because after every 25 min it will encourage you to take 5 min break. During this break you will stretch yourself, or may be take a little walk around your desk. So the possibility of staying in a bad sitting posture for a longer period will be automatically reset and and only you derive the healthy benefit.

# 🎯 It will block out your unwarranted distraction and make you stay focused . Since breaks are included in the planning stage itself , hence mind is already aware of the pre-planned break , thereby stay absolutely focused for the planned POMODORO timing ( 25 min) during your intended task or work engagement.

# 🎯 You can further Zone-Out yourself from nearby distractions by just wearing the noise cancellation head set or ear plug to block out the surrounding noises for better concentration /output. I personally uses these ear buds during my activities.

# 🎯I would suggest that you should keep a handy note pad with you to take a note instead of respirating to digital noting during the period of POMODORO activity.

I have been practising this technique in my work flow and include in my schedule through out the day in my 🗓 Schedule, depending upon the priorities of task in hand. However, if you feel that 25 min POMODORO session is too short for you then you may try a 45 minute session and then take a 10 minute break after each session and see how it will work out for you. The POMODORO technique is absolutely flexible to adopt but remember that the secret lies in more numbers of shorter interval instead long intervals for sustained focus.

I would recommend using ” STAY FOCUSED POMODORO TIMER ” app to assist you in your study/ work / important projects. It’s a free app and gives you an amazing flexibility to plan your sessions. I simply love this Productivity App and you can download this from the google play store / App Store. You can also try “POMODORO TIMER LITE” app & see if it suits your requirement. What I like about this one is that , It has a minimalist design and it’s basic functionality is a free version . But if you want an advanced functionality then, you can upgrade it anytime for additional features.


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  3. nirmal kharb

    ‘POMODORO’ technique, very well explained. I personally believe that Human brain can concentrate on a particular task for 45 minutes. If we stretch the time period the productivity will decrease. So, short breaks have a great role to stay more focussed for longer time to be more productive.


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