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Whenever, I sit in the club house after a round of golf,  I generally find that the importance of golf ball is very much talked about topic among the golfers. Infact the inability to spin the golf ball is often attributed to the  aspect of not playing with the expensive golf balls.

To my  surprise , I have found that there is so much myth and misinformation prevailing in the environment around the golf ball. If you ask me, it has become almost next to impossible for an average golfers to know which golf ball is to be played. Confirmation bias is a powerful drug, and with so many factors contributing to the success of each shot, it would be far too easy for any of us to see the performance and determine ourselves.

It is a distinct possibility that, the golf ball you are regularly playing with might be costing you few strokes.

Finding the right golf ball is as hard as it has it’s importance in over all scheme of things . After playing variety of golf balls, I have become firm believers in the idea that golfers should experiment with different construction and make of the golf balls before arriving to a final conclusion. You can, thereafter pick a ball which had given you the best overall result instead of getting too much obsessed with spin factor. Let me share an acquired wisdom with you as to why an amateur golfers should not get over obsessed with high spining ,5piece construction golf ball. The main reason I say that “why you should not be playing with the softer golf balls for better scoring :-

➡️ # :- Amature golfers are going to mis-hit few shots which would reduce your distance substantially if you are playing with the softer ball instead of 3 piece construction ball. If you play with a relatively harder ball then you can avoid this distance loss.

➡️ # :- More often, the Club golfers end up  taking less club while hitting a particular shots, which results into landing their golf balls short of their intended target. But if you play with less softer ball , there is good possibility that after taking one bounce, the ball will jump forward and roll. This will provide you a more chance to find a putting surface.

➡️ # :- Club golfers rarely have a swing speed of 100+ MPH, therefore the slow swinger will not benefit by playing a softer ball. Instead , you should consider playing a 3 piece construction golf ball.

➡️ # :- Another area where amature/ club golfers drop shots is while doing Chipping around the green. The main reason for the poor scoring is that invariably they leave their chips short. The relatively harder golf ball in such situations is going to roll more forward thereby giving you a good chance of holing more single putts.

➡️ # :- Another pitfall of softer golf balls is that due to their nature of high spinning characteristics, they will have a lesser tolerance to the side spins. This would turn your Draws / Fades into a Hooks/ Slices in no time.

The simple fact is that softer golf balls will give you a better control around the green whereas relatively harder golf ball will give you the longer distance off the tee. So essentially, you have to make a trade off and no one can ever have the a best of both world . That’s why I say that do not get too obsessed with the spin factor, instead focus on the overall advantage of playing a particular ball. Golf as such is hard enough, so it make sense to eliminate every variable you possibly can. Choose one ball, and start playing with it every round and every shot.

Too much spin is a distance killer and seriously hamper the ability of an amatures / club golfers to score better

Remember, A softer golf ball is a slow ball and the explanation is that simple. If you are playing a “softer” golf ball, it’s probably costing you distance off the tee (unless you have a 100+ MPH swing speed ). Softer golf balls tends to utilise the energy imparted onto them, more into their vertical climb instead of longitudinal travel.This is primarily owning to their ability of generating higher spins onto themselves.

On the contrary, Firmer balls are faster and generally longer of the tee. They can give you an added benefit because of their tendency to utilise the energy imparted onto them more for their longitudinal travel instead of quick vertical climb. Bytheve, they do spin enough around the green as well😊.

I do get your sentiments that some of you love playing with softer balls but the reality is that the only golfers likely to see real performance benefits from low compression balls are high speed, high spin players. I suggest you to play with 3 piece construction ball of different make and dimple patterns. Therafter, pronounce your own judgement and choose a golf ball which is suiting you the best as per your game. Once you find it,thereafter stay with it.

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  1. yk gupta

    A good perspective for amature golfers like me. Considering the too many variables involved in a shot, it may not be easy to establish the suitability of the ball based on few shots. It has to be considered based on a number of games over an extended period.


    1. Absolutely true sir. Even the golf ball with 3 piece construction of different make might have a variance in their dimple patterns. That’s why it will require some evaluation period for a long term gain. Warm Regards


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