A Great Golfer is the Combination of many traits, each of them is trained in the brain. “

Dear Golfers ⛳

1. Hello everyone, its been quite sometime, I did not write a blog post. The honest reason is that my special project at my work place kept me super-super busy. Anyways, Having said that, I am back again with some more insights and thoughts on how to improve your golf game.

2. In Golf, the kind of challenges, golfers encounter every time when they tee-up that little white ball is monumental. These challenges sometime get magnified to a larger proportion and become a constant source of our everlasting pain or misery, even when we are walking in the largest and best possible Oxygen parks in the city. So let me give you some solace by saying this :-

Let me assure you that no one escapes from these self inflicted cause and effect mechanism in Golf ”___JOE

I have often noticed that many golfers react to dynamic situations with fear, which is understandably unconscious and instantaneous most of the times. However, a golfer must tackle each challenge realistically and prudently by adopting a holistic approach.

The aim of this blog post is to provide you a process through which you are more likely to succeed in your endeavours, whether they will arise on a Golf Courses or in a Board room meetings.

3. You must have heard from wise people of respectful standings saying that ” Certain things have a tendencies to get complicated but solutions lies in keeping them simple “. Golfing activity is one of such things which has this tendency very prominently visible all the time. Now the question arises as to how these dynamic situations can be kept simple. Well, if thats what you want then I want you to ask yourself these Questions:-

(Q1) Is this a temporary yip, whether I should fix it or just stay with it ?

(Q2) Do I need to train myself with the help of a Qualified trainer ?.

(Q3). Do I need to dig deeper in myself and find solutions from within ?.

4. Let me tell you that unless you answer these questions clearly and rationally, your vision will be clouded by emotional reactions.

“ In golf unpredictable bounces, Out-of-Bound ball, Ball in the drink (water), or may be repeated shank does induce instinctive-emotional reactions and fill-up our mind with doubts leading to a restricted clarity in our actions” .____ JOE

Moreover, frequent occurrence of undesirable shots fill-up our inner self with fear, denial, conflict or may be sometime wishful thinking and instantly make us doubtful of our acquired talent. I suggest when this happens to you , take a pause and reconsider the following course of action to fix things :—

5. If your answers to the above two questions is ‘NO‘ then remember that solution never lies at the level of the problem. Accumulated physical fatigue, injury to the ego perceived by the agitated mind from the series of bad shots will force you to take successive decisions with least clarity ( even less thoughtful). This process will multiply the errors instead of fixing them on the go .

6. The training of mind to think more clearly during stressful / disappointing situations is paramount and golf is not an exception to this rule.

“ In my opinion, the significance of mental strength is much more higher compare to the physical skills required to win any Golf Championship ”.___-JOE

Historically, it has always been and will always be that way. I suggest to apply ‘ Delay & Detach Method ‘ Or ( DD Method) to find Quick & rational solutions on the run. Inorder to have a creative and credible solutions after hitting a bad, it is paramount that as far as possible detach your mind from ‘ Impulsive Emotional Reactions‘ / IER . Consciously allow your mind to return to a peaceful state at the earliest before you play the next shot.

“ Creative solutions often arise from the quietness of mind. Use a wedge of clear thinking to break down the IER before it take control of you”.____JOE

7. My experiences tells me that absolute acceptance of the outcome provide clarity and have a calming effect on the mind. This D&D process will provide you the much needed clarity in taking a right decision for the next shot more realistically.

“ Remember, it’s a golfer’s responsibility to gather himself from the memory of a bad shot and have to create a nurturing environment for the mind for playing a better percentage shots”._____JOE

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    This ‘Wedge of Clear Thinking’ is equally applicable to other entities of life as well.

    Thanks you so much for this interesting stuff.

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