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If we are not able to navigate the Golf Course well, than no skills are good enough to bring us home with abetter scores.

In Golf good shot is good anyways. Most importantly, Golf is essentially a game of managing your misses in an efficient way.

Let me give you a few tips to navigate through any golf course. Just keep them in mind and amalgamate them with your skill set to find the right way around those traps and hazards:- 

1. Take A Fresh Look :- Starting from the right side of the tee instead of the left, hitting a 3-iron  instead of the driver, or laying up on a short par-4 can give you a boost of confidence and help establish more positive feelings when you’re having a tough day.

2. Be Imaginative :- Successfully executing scoring shots around the green is a key to good scoring, and smart decision-making is as important as solid execution. When deciding what shot to play, consider the contours of the green and the surrounding land and where the pin is located. Always choose the high-percentage play, which at worst will give you a sure two-putt, with a good chance at making a par-saving one-putt.

3. Plan Ahead :-To turn your game around when things just aren’t going right, begin by being aware of what shots are working and which are causing trouble. If you’re drawing or hooking the ball, use the left side of the tee box, or the right side if you’re fading more than usual. Also, be realistic about club selection, and don’t be afraid to use more or less club than you normally would. Great golfers should do the same. Rather than always playing bold shots, it’s best to consider what target will make your next shot as easy as possible, and to adjust accordingly. This holds true for drives, approach shots and putts.

4. Find Your Happy Yardage :– Many people have difficulty hitting half wedges successfully. An easy solution to the problem is to avoid them by hitting as many shots from a “happy” yardage as possible. To determine this distance, hit practice shots from 75 to 110 yards and keep track of the results. Once you find your comfortable shot, keep that distance in mind when laying up on par-5s or punching out on par-4s. You’ll quickly find the quality of your approach shots and your putting stats improving.

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