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Dear golfers, Driver is the costliest, longest and most tempting club in any golf bag. Although, we love it a lot but our constant struggle with this particular club never ends. The most prominent things, I have learnt is that our understanding of the club design itself is the primary cause of all the errors. More often than not we try to swing it through the golf ball in many ways owing to our unique understanding.

In this blog post , i would be discussing the design of the club head and how you can maximize it’s true potential.    

Driver or 1 Wood is designed with a well meaning intention to give a distinct advantage to a golfer, provided he /she is able to hit it well off the tee. The club head design is big and well rounded from the bottom. This shape construction itself create a confusion in mind of a golfer as to how he/she should keep it on ground behind the golf ball. My advice is to keep it on ground  in a most natural way as per your respective Bio- Mechanics.

The following are the key factor to be kept in mind to achieve mastery over the driver /1 Wood :-

  1. First and foremost, control the urge to swing the driver harder at the golf ball  out of your mind.
  2. Have no fear in your mind whatsoever, especially as if something wrong is going to happen..?   
  3. Make practice swing(s) with a distinct aim to feel the weight of the club head in your hands. This is a must move before making an actual swing.[ This is not a stage to exhibit your muscle power to your fellow golfer].
  4. Make sure that your golf ball postion is such that despite your best effort to incorporate error, you are still in a postion to make an upswing at the golf ball.
  5. Remeber that unless you catch the golf ball on an upswing, you will never ever be able to hit the driver well.
  6. The thumb rule is that you should be swinging about 4 Deg to 6 Deg ( Positive Attack Angle ) on the upswing at the ball[ Slower the swing speed more upwardly you should swing through the golf ball.
  7. Keep your head still and try to watch the impact with your eyes and only thereafter see the flight of the golf ball. [ This thought will   help you to maintain your head still, spine angle constant through the impact zone].
  8. Do not add sudden forces in your swing , especially just prior to impact.
  9. Always accelerate the club head smoothly through the impact zone. As long as you can maintain the balance in the golf swing, you can afford to rip through the golf ball.
  10. Irrespective if the swing path , feeling of instability during the swing or any other reason, make sure that you finish your follow- through. The tell-tell sign for this is that – your good swing or not so good swing should look identical from a distance.

The magic key is to swing the club head about 4 to 6 deg ( Attack Angle ) on the upswing for a better trajectory and more distance. The club golfers/amateurs will benefit from a marginal high tee-postion at the address before swinging their driver at the golf ball.

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One thought on “HOW TO HIT A DRIVER

  1. ritugiriraj

    Dear Joginder,

    Explained the use of Driver very well. Enjoyed reading it and will also try to implement it in the game.

    God Bless, Take Care…



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