Try to achieve a Full-Extension in your Follow-through..

Good morning Golfers,

It’s a new year and i would like to wish all of my beloved readers a very happy 2021. I know that in last year, you did miss out on your golf & I hope this year would turn out to be a lot better. Having said that, lets deep dive into some of the basics of Golf club interaction with the Mother Earth, I mean the turf.

I had keenly observed that every amature golfer is too obsessed with the swing – plane theory/ concept . I see guys practising on range doing all sorts of poses to check & re-check their swing plane but no one ever pay attention to the Club head interaction with the turf through the impact zone. I guess , its left to the spontaneity or in golfing god’s hand to take care off in the golf swing and that’s what the biggest mistakes amatures make most of the times.

Keenly observe any professional golfer and you will find that he would be equally concerned about, how the club head is interacting with the ground/turf through the impact.??. This is the place where moment of truth lies. A great ballstriker will work the club through the impact area on the proper plane, traveling down and out, & NOT up and in.

✅🔻 DOWN& OUT = 🚫 NOT UP & IN

The down and out path is the one when club needs to travel on in order to create the proper impact alignments that produce maximum distance and accuracy. ___ JOE

Many amateurs attempt to help the ball go toward the target by moving the club up and in toward their body through impact. These misguided efforts at impact produce the ugly, power-draining chicken wing that features bent, jammed arms. This is A BIG NO (NO) MOVE. Instead try to achieve the extension in your follow through.

Remember :- Always avoid making efforts to add power at impact with your arm muscles. Instead, simply let the arms extend down and through the impact zone. This way you will find yourself hitting the golf ball a lot more straighter and longer.

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