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It’s been sometime, i have not written anything on golf. Firstly after seeing many mails in this regard , I am overwhelmed and promise that I would be more regular in sharing my acquired knowledge with you. Secondly, in the testing times of current pandemic, we need to take good care and precautions to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones.

Well having said that lets talk about a club, we all openly or secretly yearn to hit longer and better. The big stick, which many of us call on for most of our par-4 or par-5 tee shots has a potential to make or break our rounds. If we can keep that little golf ball in play to a decent distance down the fairway in little grass then we have the chance to come home with a better score.

Believe it or not, Getting it right with the driver begins before you even take the club away from the teed -up golf ball. Yes , you have heard it right. It’s all depends on your set-up fundamentals . There are essentially three thing on which you have to pay attention. These are Stance, Ball Position & Secondary Spine Angle. This is how it goes :-

  • Stance : If you want to swing this club as hard as you want it to swing then you have to focus on your stance. You need to build a strong foundation and wide base to swing it with full throttle. As per biomechanics the most stability in the golf swing would be when your stance is just outside your shoulder width. Anything lesser or wider would bring the hell lot of inconsistencies in golf swing. Remember these Quotes of mine ; 🍀👇

Narrow stance would cause sway during the golf swing , which in turn would shift your centre point or bottom point of swing arc thereby causing inconsistencies in your ball flights.

Extra-Wide stance would severely restrict your transfer of weight onto the left side and would also promote reverse pivots.__JOE

Ideally, if you ask me ‘ i would recommend you not to swing this big boy moe than 80% of your power’. __ JOE

  • Ball Position : To maximise on the distance with this big boy ( Driver), you have to catch the ball on the upswing. This would optimise your launch angle and will give you more carry during the ball flight. Ideally you should keep the ball position in line with your left heel or may be a slightly ahead ( if you are struggling to launch the ball up in the air). Remember this Quote of mine ; 🍀👇

You need to be hitting up on the golf ball. This would increase the launch angle and reduce the spin rate of your little shiny white ball resulting into a long flight down in the centre line of all those green lush fairway.___JOE

  • Secondary Spine Angle : SSA is extremely important before you start your back swing. In terms of Biomechanics it sounds quite a fancy name but in simple terms it’s “ Shoulder Tilt”. Whenever our shoulders are parallel to the ground, it would be termed as “ Primary Spine Angle”. But by virtue of gripping pattern in golf it’s automatically get ensured that trail shoulder would always be lower than the lead shoulder and this angle is termed as “Secondary Spine Angle”. But somehow, we intentionally keep on fighting this natural set up and bring back our shoulders level or parallel to the ground thereby introducing a fundamental error. In a golf swing shoulders should be tilted slightly down to the right side to encourage that upward swing into the ball. Remember these Quotes of mine ; 🍀👇

Keeping shoulders parallel to ground at address would promote either level or steeper angle of attack onto the golf ball. This would result into imparting bad spin and a sure shot killer of distance and accuracy.___ JOE

SSA is the key move which would determine , how well your club head would go through the impact zone. __ JOE

⛳ Catch her on the Up Swing ⛳

Getting these set-up fundamentals right could unlock the door to instant distance gains. You would simply pick up 10–30 yards by adhering to these positions/ set-up fundamentals.

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Take Care, JOE

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