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Choosing the right greenside shots are very crucial for better scoring. It’s very common to pull, push or overshoot the approach shots while hitting into the green. Such situations are encountered more often than anything else on the golf course, especially second shot on Par 4 & third shot on Par 5’s. Let us find a code for this common problem as when this happens to the golfer’s :-

Often we overthink in such situation and unnecessarily complicate things. The success lies in keeping things simple. This is how i approach such shots :-

  • I often think this way “ Standing at the ball, I imagine that if I have to throw this golf ball onto the green using my hand, at what spot it should fall first and what trajectory would that be
  • Then I can choose the club accordingly – may be 7 iron to run it up a tier or all the way to the hole. Probably a 9 iron or a Wedge is more appropriate for a straight forward chip.
  • The other big thing is the “ Lie” . This determine what kind of club you can get on it. For Example if the ball is sitting up nicely, you have a free hand and many options to play around. But from a tight lie, a putter or hybrid might be a safer chunk free option.

🍀 Remember these Quotes of mine whenever you find yourself around greenside 👇:-

  • Use Putter : It can be a great option, if you have got a nice cut of fringe, even from the 5 yards off the green. With this option you would often get the ball closer than chipping, as strike becomes less critical with no club- turf interaction. Just factor-In this aspect, you will save more shots.
  • Use Hybrid : With the ball sitting down and a little green to work with, the danger of using Wedge is that you have to hit a bit hard onto the ball. This would open the door to the dreaded deceleration. Try making a putting stroke with hybrid to pop up the ball up out and running to the hole. This would also put less spin onto the ball for a better run on green.
  • Use Wedge : When getting height is essential like flying over the green side bunker or over a greenside ridge than chipping stroke using wedge is a good option. With no or least wrist break and fewer moving parts, there is less to go wrong while executing such shots.

Joe’s Special Tips : —-

  • Use High bounce Wedge when ball is lying in a longer grass. The relative upright leading edge coupled with high bounce would easily glide through the long grass leaves and you will get centre face impact on the wedge.
  • Use Low bounce Wedge, when ball is lying on a tight surface. The relatively shallower leading edge coupled with low bounce would pick up the ball clean with out digging too much into the turf.
  • Use Mid bounce for an overall average result in all situations/conditions, if you would still like to call it a “ Versatile Club” than so be it ( a marketing gimmick used by the companies to sell their product to club golfers).

Choose your Wedges Wisely…

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  1. ritugiriraj

    Generally, I don’t think much, especially while playing golf and tries to keep things as simple as possible. But, still they become complicated. Not withstanding that, great efforts to make golfers aware on use of right club for a given situation. God Bless All…


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