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Driver get lot of attention from the golfer and that’s why it has acquired many names like the big cat, big daddy, big boy or big stick etc .etc. Every golfer has this deep desire to hit the driver straight and hate those banana shapes.

The key to fade proof driving lies in maintains correct sequence and wrists angle. Golf swing is a very dynamic environment wherein so many factors are working at the same time. In such circumstances it’s prudent to focus on the key factors and leave rest to the body’s natural reaction to the dynamic motion. If you can take care of these key factor, you would be getting rid of those banana shapes. So focusing on these key things can help stop the over- the-top move, which is what leads to the club getting outside the ideal line as you bring it back down.

Good Grip : It would be pretty irresponsible for any anti-slice instruction not to start with grip. Your grip controls your clubface and your clubface controls the curve of the ball. Having your lead hand in the fingers (not the palm) will help you deliver a square clubface at impact. Using your trail hand grip by allowing it the rest more under the club with your thumb on the back side of the club so that you can maybe even see some fingernails can help to produce a ball that doesn’t look like a banana. See the pic 👇:

Although, I personally prefer to have a neutral grip and work around it to find my In – to – Out club path.__Joe

Wrists Position : Firstly, i would like you to look at the position of your lead wrist ( left wrist). If your lead wrist is cupped at the top of back swing, there is no way you can get back the club from the inside path. This cupped position opens the face of the club a little at the top of the backswing.

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Flattening the left wrist and cupping the right wrist at the top will keep the club face square, enabling you to drop it back into a much batter position on the downswing and then through the golf ball.__ JOE

  • Reverse Pivot : In a reverse pivot, golfer’s slide their hips to the right and thereafter all their weight moving onto the left side . in an attempt to recover , they then fall backwards away from the ball on way down sending the club outside the target line. In such situations the travel path of the club will always be from outside – to inside through the golf ball.
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The key is to focus on turning rather than sliding on the way down. This will make the club fall inside the swing plane allowing you to create a better Inside- Out swing path.__JOE

  • Swing around Your Sternum : Generally, we move off the golf ball in a mistaken bid to create power and finally create a banana ball flight. Focus on the centre point of your sternum and feel as if you are really swinging around it. Also swinging around your sternum would help you t use the ground more efficiently.
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It would be a good idea to focus on your feet in the backswing to prevent reverse pivot and more centre’s swing path around your body.__ JOE

Adjust Your club :

Much of the club technology allows for clubs to be adjusted for loft and face angle. If you tend to slice the ball, adjust any of your clubs to a more draw-biased setup to help you while you are working to improve your technique.

The best way of making sure your equipment is helping you is to do it under the watchful eye of a good clubfitter.

Ultimately, if you’re missing your ball to the right, it’s because your clubface is open.

If your ball is starting to the right with less of the banana curve, your path could be moving too far to the right, too.

Joe Sehrawat

Get these things right and say bye-bye to banana flights. Always remember whatever you do in your swing but finally your club head must follow an Inside -to – Outside path through the golf ball/ impact zone for straighter and more powerful shot. Making sure you square up your clubface should be where your focus is, because when you get it right, golf will be much more fun.

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