Hello Friends,

Waggling the club before you initiate a backswing is an old age tradition in golf. The idea behind this concept is two fold. Firstly, to reduces tension in upper body and secondly to prime you to make a fluid golf swing.

Grabbing your club and flicking the club head back and forth with your wrists is not a waggle and is strict NO..No..in golf. In my words, I would say :

Waggle is your chance to rehearse a quality backswing. ___ Joe


Pay attention to where the club head travels in the backswing. If it abruptly move inside the target line, you are rehearsing a poor takeaway and would cause over the top move ( slicer move). Instead take the club back a few times with arm and  torso moving together as one unit while keeping the club in front for entire time. Keep your arms relaxed and initiate your backswing low and slow with full shoulder turn.

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