Hey Friends,

Making double bogey after a good tee shot is infuriating. During the course of 18 holes, you are likely to have a stretches where you are not feeling good about your game. In such instances , it helps to have some go-to sots to. Lean on. they are reliable options to put it in play, hit more greens, get out of trouble an avoid three putts. Here is my quick advice :-

  • Be Aggressive and not cautious to put ball in play.
  • To find fairway, lower the tee and grip the club a bit short.

This combination would reduce the side spin and turn a slice into a baby fade. But this will happen only when you will swing with a controlled aggression.

Remember my this saying :-

Lose the fear and you will lose the steer.__ Joe

# Getting Out of SAND :-

  • Make sure that you open the club face.
  • Take an adequate backswing and hit behind the golf ball in the sand with enough speed.
  • The open club face and energy applied to impact will propel the ball onto the green every time.
  • Blast the sand to make sure you get out.

# Working around the TROUBLE :- Want to curve the ball around trouble,

  • Simply change the position of your feet.
  • For Left-to-right shot, grip weak position and drop your lead foot back and swing along your stance for the beautiful fade.
  • For Right-to -left, just do the opposite ( Strong grip & trail foot back ).

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