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With vaccination drive at fast pace, golfers are back on the golf courses. Recently I had a round of golf and the swing felt rusty. Although , it took me couple of rounds to refresh my muscle memories but now the golf rounds are becoming progressively better.

When you do not play golf enough , the first skill which evaporates from your skill set is the’ Short Game”,especially the chipping. Chips shots are the the game changer, if you can do them right, they certainly make you look a good golfer. To achieve the better outcome , you need to follow the LTC – Principle.

What is LTC Principle

LTC stands for Lie, Trajectory and Club Selection in that order to chip the golf ball close enough.

How does it work

Lie :– The first thing you should carefully examine is the lie of the golf ball. It’s the lie which will determine the type of chip shot you can play from it. If your lie is not good then you have to carefully choose the trajectory you can generate freon that lie and in doing so which club you would be needing.

Trajectory :- The lie dictate the trajectory. If the the lie is good than it can provide you a wide range of choice to play different shot with assured predictability of outcome. Whereas, if the lie is bad then it will severely restrict the playability options and may introduce unpredictable outcome.

Club Selection :– The Club selection will always be based on the type of lie and the trajectory needed to get the golf ball close to the hole. Remember that it has to be in the order of LTC ( Lie – Trajectory – Club Selection ) otherwise you will end up choosing the wrong club for the job.

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