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2021 is about to say bye bye to us and I would like to wish my readers a very happy new year. In this new year, i would be telling you how to hit a towering high draw. So lets take a deep-dive into it.

With all the talk about controlled fades of the tee on tour, Rory McIlroy proves that there’s still room for bombing super-high draws. Even if you aren’t swinging it 125 miles per hour, a right-to-left ball flight is probably still something you’d like to see more regularly. Golf Digest Teaching Professional and 50 Best Teacher Mark Blackburn has some intel you can take from Rory’s swing that will help you get it.

Make sure your setup suits the shape

To create draw your swing shape goes from inside to out, so that your setup supports the desired shape. Here is the move :-..👇⤵️

Set up with your trail shoulder slightly lower, and your shoulders slightly closed relative to the target line. You also need to move the ball back slightly, so that it’s inside your lead foot ( for Driver).

Why the transition is crucial :-

To hit it the best you have to be very smooth in your transition. If you gets quick and narrow, you will lose club face control and the face tends to be open. That’s either going to produce hooks or big blocks because you tries to protect from going way left. Remember :- ⤵️⤵️

No matter how you swing, that’s a strong element to remember. You have to be in control of the face in your transition before you pour on the speed. 


Understand how launch works :-

I see amateurs who want to launch it higher move the ball way forward and add big tilt to their shoulders to hit on up on it more, but that causes a big problem. When you hit up, you shift the swing path more outside in—which a slicers are already doing.

To get those big, high draws, you have to swing out double the amount you swing up. If you aren’t swinging more to the right of your target, forget trying to swing up more.


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