Do You Play ‘H&H’ Shots..??

Hit & Hope Shots

Hey Friends,

Recently, I have been playing a good golf and did shoot few under-par rounds despite putting negligible practice. Although at the moment, I am a bit rusty in few areas of my golfing skills but these better rounds of golf gave me a unique perspective for better scoring, provided a golfer adheres to certain set of framework.

In today’s blog , I am sharing with you a few secrets of better scoring even if you are not training enough for the time being.

Let me tell you that there is no such thing called ‘Easy Golf Course’. Irrespective of the design preferred by the golf course designer playing an under-par round is a challenge in itself. Golf swing does not understand the language of easy or tough golf course layout. It understand the language of thoughtfulness, clear thinking and demand committed execution towards each shot you play on the course.

I often see that many golfers play H&H shots and than hope to score better at the end of the golf round. By H-H, I mean “HIT and HOPE” golf shots. These shots are more of a luck based rather than the skill based execution. In these kind of shots, we simply play them without keeping ourselves in a ‘reality check frame work’ and on top of it, force our subconscious-self to expect a better outcome as well.

In simple words HIT and HOPE Shots are purely luck based shots instead of skill based execution. Often , you play them from tough situation/lies and invariably end up accumulating big numbers on those holes.

The end result – you loose momentum, positive-mindness and a quick loss of mental energy.


More often than not, the outcomes from such shots are uninspiring, confidence eroding and score robbing. My suggestion is that a golfer must play with the awareness of his/her skills in order to harness their potential by playing to their strengths.

In golf, we encounter enough days, when you find that your swing is not in sync with your mental Or physical self. Another possibility is that owing to your work or family commitments, you have not found enough time to iron out your undesirable golfing tendencies on a golf range. Despite all these justifiable difficulties, you can play a better round of golf, provided you keep the following things :-

If you pay little attention to these things and make a peace with our golf-ego than you can too play a decent round of golf every single time. However, my caveat is – ‘ if you want to play a better golf consistently for a longer periodthere than there is no substitute of training yourself ’.


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