Hi, I am JOE. I am a Writer,Blogger and a Skilled Golfer. I write on Golf, Productivity & Cerebral Happiness for people to find a Work/Life Balance in their lives. I have always been focused beyond – beyond expectations, beyond comparisons, and beyond limits. This relentless determination and pursuit has transformed an ordinary boy into a man of respectful standing. I am grounded in my unique experiences and humble in my approach. I understand the Golf like a true student of science and founded this platform with two distinct thought in mind. Firstly, for the Golf Enthusiasts, Amateurs and Serious Golfers to learn the finesse’s of the Golf and help them to take their game to the next level. Secondly, to empower people by helping them to make, meet and exceed goals in their personal and professional lives. Owning to my indepth research and learnings in these fields, I regularly write on golf, building Productivity and achieving Cerebral Happiness. If I have to summarise in three words,that would be to; Guide, Empower and help in making improvements in the sense that people can go from where they are – to – where they want to be and realise their life goals. My endeavour is to reinstall peoples falling confidence or motivation in themselves through my writings to encourage and teach them tiny habits of change for realising their dreams. As, I reflect on the years gone-by, I have realised that this is the time to push myself and those i trust and love to give even more in new and different ways. Joe’s Blog is one of such endeavour : to create an effective learning opportunities to strive for excellence.