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We are like Sailors on a Ship that long ago left the Port and now urgently needs repair. We would love to return to dock and get it kitted out perfectly, setting up our lives so they are just as we would like them to be and then again start our journey.

Instead we have to patch things up mid-voyage as best as we can, adapting incrementally towards the person we would like to be. We must rebuild our ship in the open sea but only by resorting to gradual reconstruction.



Hey Friends, In this blog post, I would be sharing few fundamental principles for playing great golf in forthcoming golfing 🏌️‍♀️ weather.Lets get started. 1.) HEAD POSITION Steady and behind the ball :- Every golfer should understand that golf is a game of balance, rhythm and timing. You have to swing the club. To do…

Do You Play ‘H&H’ Shots..??

Hey Friends, Recently, I have been playing a good golf and did shoot few under-par rounds despite putting negligible practice. Although at the moment, I am a bit rusty in few areas of my golfing skills but these better rounds of golf gave me a unique perspective for better scoring, provided a golfer adheres to…

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