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The best of the best player in Golf work on their basics almost on daily basis. These Basics Fundamental are address position ,body posture, ball postion, initial take away, spine angle etc. etc. The correct Set-Up at address is the most important aspect in the golf swing and it should always be overemphasiged in the golfing instructions.

As I said, If there is something which need to be emphasised in golf, it should be the importance of Key Set-Up fundamentals. One of the vital ingredient of golf swing is a good posture at address, which is very critical for making a golf swing efficient. Without a good set-up a proper takeaway and weight shift are impossible. This brings a multitude of problems and most notably is a reverse pivot. Any change in the spine angle established at address position will produce thin, fat and weak shots. Secondly, if the shaft of a club is kept too vertical at address, it will promote an overly inside takeaway and an over-the-top swing pattern. Therefore, the following aspect may be kept in mind :-

⚓➡️ To get your legs properly positioned, begin by placing your feet just outside your hip joints, with your toes pointed outwardly at about 25 degrees( I.e half 11 & half 12 O clock Position ) .

⚓➡️ Then make sure your knees are relaxed and slightly flexed. This will facilitate a better turn.

⚓➡️ Make sure that you establish a correct spine angle by pushing out your butt line outwardly and then take a grip on the golf club. Maintain this spine angle to prevent thin, fat and weak shots.

⚓➡️ It’s crucial to position your upper left arm on top of your chest, not on the side of it. This will promote a more of bodily takeaway instead of handsy takeaway.

⚓➡️ Allow your left arm to hang naturally, and slightly bend your right arm at the elbow. This will help you to find the correct inclined angle of the shaft at address.

⚓➡️ Your right shoulder must be slightly lower than the left at address to promote a proper takeaway.

⚓➡️ Make sure that club shaft is not kept too perpendicular to the ground and not forward-pressed. This will deloft the club and will increase the exposure of leading edge to the ground which will bring will inconsistencies. Therefore, keep the club naturally in your hands ( which should be generally making a 45 Deg angle).

So next time when you tee -up , pay attentions to these Basics and improve your golf score in less time.

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