1.        Hello everyone, if you are pulling out a 7 Iron out of your Golf bag instead of your regular 8 Iron than you are on a right page. Dear Golfers, have you ever realised why all of a sudden it start happening to you. I am sure your fellow friends might have suggested that you are losing distance because you are getting older. BELIEVE ME GUYS , it’s certainly not true. The reason for lack of your power likely has something to do with your angle of attack (AoA). Now you might say that if one want a more downward angle on irons shots, you could move the ball back in your stance but that would not help create the type of compression irons shots require.  A general popular advice given is that If you want your irons to behave as per your desired intent than you probably need to hit down more onto the golf ball. There is no denial that this move may add on some extra yardage to your irons with higher trajectories more spin onto the golf ball but it does not translate into a better accuracy and is more susceptible to winds.

2.        You know what better players does ? They strike down on to the ball with their irons until the club reaches its lowest point about 4 inches in front of the golf ball at impact thus ideally marrying their Angle of Attack (AoA) with their swing Path. This is the main move which allow them to hit 7 iron upto 190 Yards which is equivalent of hitting 4 iron by an amateur player.

3.        Now the question arise ? How do you create compression? The best way of doing is to have a flat lead wrist as  the club meets the ball with the golf shaft leaning forward is key to getting a quality angle of attack and bottom out your swing ahead of the golf ball.

4.        What is most important and you must remember that hitting down onto the golf ball itself is not sufficient enough unless it is married well with the Swing Path. In golf swing the swing path will change depend on to the angle of attack.  So it’s safe to say that the AoA and Swing path have a significant and direct relation with each other. Just to give you some idea below are some recorded numbers on Trackman as to how does this move actually translate in providing low trajectories, lesser spin rate and longer iron shots. For example, – 1 Degree down AoA at 80 MPH swing speed will give you atleast 7 Yards more carry distance compare to, if you are hitting +2 Deg upwardly into the golf ball. However if this AoA is increased to -7 Deg downwardly than it will give you at least 10 yards more carry distances. This scenario specially workout through 6 iron to SW. ( Given below are some tabulated numbers recorded on the Trackman for your reference, however if you are not able to see them on your Android device this will essentially means that the blog does not support the Table display. In that case, You can see the table either on your Notebook/ Laptop or Desktop.)

TABLE -A ( 7 Iron )

AoA at 80mphCarry YardsTotal YardsLaunch AngleSpin Rate
+2 Deg14415227 Deg6600 RPM
-1 Deg15216023 Deg5600 RPM
-7 Deg15516716 Deg4700 RPM

TABLE -B ( 7 Iron)

AoA at 90mphCarry YardsTotal YardsLaunch AngleSpin Rate
+2 Deg14915527 Deg8000 RPM
-1 Deg15516224 Deg7400 RPM
-7 Deg17218015 Deg6500 RPM

5.        For Example, – 1 Degree downward AoA at 90 MPH swing speed will give you a 8 Yards more carry distance compare to if you are hitting +2 Deg upwardly into the golf ball. However if the AoA is -7 Deg downwardly than it will enhance your carry distances at least by 18 yards more with club from ranging from 6 iron to SW.

6. The increase in distances as given in examples or detail of carry distances/Actual distances/ launch angle & Spin rate as mentioned in the above table can only be achieved if the swing path is In – to – Out onto the golf ball always and everytime through the impact Zone. Whereas, it is interesting to note that on the Contrary Out – to – In swing path will only produce the AoA maximum from +2 Deg upward to -1 Deg downward and is robbing you from hitting a longer carry distances with your golf swings in a real time scenario.

7.        To make it happen, you have to rehearse the correct move to create the higher AoA. Take a compression golf bag or maybe a some lighter ball like basketball or a 1kg medicine ball etc and set your club directly behind it and without using your arms or hands, make them move towards your target with the club. This will teach you as how to use the body rotation more effectively for better compression of the golf ball. Remember In – to – Out  swing path through the Impact zone can only increases the maximum angle of attack into a golf ball  for longer carry distances. This is a magic move to maximise your distance while hitting your 6 Iron to Sand Wedge. With the rest of your longer irons ( No 3, 4, 5 irons) we make more of a sweeping motion through the golf ball instead of downward blow to achieve ideal launch conditions.  

8.        Dear golfers, rest assured that my advices in this instructional blog will certainly help you to play better golf. I am looking forward to hear your views in the comment section. Moreover, If you have not subscribed the blog than please do so now by leaving your mail in the bottom section of the blog and click the subscribe button for continuous updates. You will receive the instant notification as and when I will post the new instructional blog on www.simplylearngolf.com.

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Happy Golfing.


  1. Ujjwal

    Gr8 effort to explain the concept of achieving higher distances by having right angle of attack. Thanks. Would appreciate if you put some videos.


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