Hi Folks,

1.        To play good golf is the dream of every golfer and to make it happen on regular basis the Grip on the golf club becomes the paramount which invariably determine the outcome of the game.  

2.        My experience tells me that most golfers grip the club too hard as if they are going to squeeze water out of a rubberised pad. This Increase of grip pressure immensely reduces the club head speed and hamper the release of the club head through the impact zone.

3.        Just to give you an idea, I would like you to imagine an action of throwing a ball with your hand. What will you do ??, You will hold it tightly enough so it doesn’t fly out of your hand when you cock your arm, but loosely enough to create speed. In Similar terms, the tight grip creates tensions in the forearms, shoulders leading to bigger muscle like chest and kills the club head speed.

4.        To make it happen, I want you to consider the following thoughts:-

(a)       Just hold the club by imagining as if you are holding a small bird in your hands.

(b)       The tensions/pressure in the hands should be such that the bird does not fly away as well as stay safe in your hands throughout the swing. OR

(c)       You can also imagine as if you are holding a hand of the toddler and helping him/her to cross the busy street/road. I am sure that you will hold his/her hand so firmly that it will not hurt the toddler and he/she cannot free your hold on his/her own.

5.        More often than not either the club golfer holds the grip very loose on the golf clubs which lead to rotations of the club head in the hands leading to   inconsistent strikes or keep it too tight to drain out the club-head speed. I would like to suggest you that try and develop any one of the feel suggested above while swinging the club. This will help you to create faster club head speed and better release of the club-head through the golf ball.

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