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1. The aforesaid quote remind me to make an innocuous querry ?. Have you ever tried to look into the work of a Climatologist or a Meteorologist. I presume not. To my mind, they develop a good understanding of Science, Philosophy and psychology and uses them in right dosages during their work. You must be wondering, why I am talking about Climatologist & Meteorologist today ? The point, I am trying to drive home is that they understand predictability & unpredictability in equal measures. The involvement of dynamic variables in making their predictions about unpredictables is a unique part of their profession and due to their nature of work they are said to have a better resistance to stresses. To work with an optimum level of efficiency in any stressful situations, it is important to disassociate ourselves from the relam of uncertainties. Researchers have reliabily confirmed that stress is one of the main accused of killing Longevity among humans.

2.   I do believe that living longer is imperative to seek and realise higher purpose in life. whenever, I think about it, golfing activity pop-up in my mind. You must be wondering πŸ€” , as why I am saying so ??. The prominent reason which comes to my mind is their ability to manage stresses which are reoccurring in nature and last for an extended time period. The member of this community make efforts to manage their time well, quickly focus on the activity ahead instead of pondering over the one which did not go as per their expectations. To his help them to keep stress under check. For e.g – no alcohol or moderate social drinking in the late evening of Friday / Saturday to catch – up a better round of golf next day. Just to give out a quick fact, scientific studies have confirmed that on an average, golfer have managed to add 0.3 year to their life expectancy for every year of regular play.

3. There is a very common phrase being quoted around the world that ” a low level of stress is good for human “. Fundamentally, if you ask me – I AM NOT A SUBSCRIBER OF THIS WISDOM”. To me, Stress can never be good for human body irrespective of its intensity experienced by us. The concept of low level stress is mainly propogated by certain set of people who tends to value their Products/ Outcome of a process more than the People they govern and are essentially self reward oriented. In my opinion the commonly referred wisdom that ” a low level of stress is good for humans” is infact a white lie. If something which can be beneficial to humas is their legitimate expectations from themselves and certainly it can not be termed as a low-level of stress.

4. I would like you to trust me in saying that ” No ( absolute no) amount of stress can be good for longevity. Why, I am saying this is because biologically our antibodies react to stress in the similar way they react to pathogens and activate the proteins that trigger an immune response. The biggest problem is that this immune response not only neutralizes harmful agents but also damages few healthy cells, leading them to age prematurely.

5. This alarm that goes off in our head makes our neurons activate the pituitary gland, which produces hormones that release Corticotropin in the body. The release of adrenaline and cortisol by the adrenal gland raises our respiratory rates and pulse. At this stage our muscular system start preparing itself for a probable action to combat a perceived stress Or a possible consequences in form of a danger leading to release of dopamine and blood glucose in our body to allow us to face the imminent danger / challenge. In order to have a Longevity, it’s mandatory for us to know certain basic functioning of human body. I know, it must be sounding like a medical study to you but I want you to know and realise that there are no free lunches in the world. Even a very pious activity of our own body as narrated above has it’s pros & cons.

6. Since time immemorial, It’s an accepted fact that ‘ Healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and Golf is more of a mental game which teaches us a better way of handling our unavoidable stresses. I would say that adding Golf in your daily or weekly routine can act as a most important anti-aging tool. Although , Longevity can be enhanced by many factors but the main factor which I would prefer to call is a “Anti-aging Attitudes’. The people who live longer have two main traits in common and they are ‘ Positive Outlook’ & ‘ High degree of emotional awareness’. Although every sport is distinct in its own way and due respect to the other sports discipline, I have found that game of Golf provide an unique platform to inculcate these “anti-aging attitudes” compare to the other sports discipline. Some of the convincing reasons which help them to keep these unavoidable stresses at bay are :-

(a) The nature of the game is such that it require it’s players to inculcate habit to get along well with their fellow golfers for a considerable time on the golf course ( Avg round last for 4 Hrs). This instant bonding with people with whom you have met in the first tee-box trigger happy hormones and enhances their happiness quotient.

(b) This game in general encourage it’s players to go early to bed so that they can get up early inorder to secure early Tee-off’ timings. It is worth mentioning that adequate sleep generate Melatonin hormone which is know to increase the happiness quotient. This help us to live longer.

(c) The game provide an unique opportunity to enjoy all the seasons, whether it’s a spring or a summer or winter or rain . It’s a all weather sport.

(d) The players over a period of time develop an evolved sense to walk the course with serenity, inhale the fragrance of flowers and enjoy their journey called -” GOLF & LIFE’. This provide them a conducive environment to grow their spiritual side and keep them healthy for long enough to enjoy the fruit of their labour & hard work.

(e). The players in general refuse to recognise their aging body. As long as their hands can swing the golf club and legs are moving (or if not then tks to golf karts ) they refuse consider themselves old. This is the biggest psychological advantage to defy quick aging.

(f). The joy of advancing that stationary little white ball itself is a good enough reason for them to feel alive and kicking. After certain age, swing speed become irrelevant to them as long as they are able to connect the club with the golf ball.

(g) The game turns it’s players into a forward looking individuals. You must have heard Golfers saying – ‘ Tomorrow, I am going to play better or i will drive better or i will putt better and so on and so forth . In this process, they learn to reconcile with their unconscious conflicts or instinctual responses and learn to dissolve their egos. If you learn all these, stress can not stay longer in your mind.

(h) The game provide it’s players an opportunity to choose a purpose for each day on the golf course as per their liking. For some it might be Breaking 80 or making 8 PARs or no 3 putts or atleast make 2 Birdies etc etc. This aspect of the game instantly provide us a meaning to what we are doing and why we are doing it ? ( The involvement in achieving the immediate task in hand will the accumulated stresses at bay for that duration).

(I) The game provide an opportunity to indulge in social talks, drinks & humors. Remember, those popular golf jokes, you must have heard during the round of  golf and latter gave goose bumps to you while sipping draught beer in the Club house. Such social connect help golfers to break negative cycles more often, promote positivity and reduces anxieties.

(j) The game does not promote intellectualization of their encountered situations on the golf course . Rather, it encourages to analyse the mistakes made more scientifically to arrive at a logical conclusions. This ingrain a vital trait to stay more open and acceptable to the meaningful advices for a holistic learning. 

(k) 19th Club serves Beer/ Gin/ Vodka in moderation after a round of golf. Since it’s a daylight sport, hence the consumed alcohol is less likely to interfere with your sleep patterns during night. The sound sleep will generate Melatonin, a hormone in the body which is known for strengthening immune system , protect against cancer,prevent osteoporosis and fight heart disease.

( l) The game does not make you suffer from a ‘ Sunday Neurosis’. It’s a term which describe a person who starts worrying  after the end of his workweek and realises , how empty he will feels during the weekends.

(m) So Folks, Happy golfing, stay safe , stay healthy and live longer . I suggest , next time when you step on to the golf course say this to yourself loud enough so that you can hear your own voice :_ πŸ‘‡

-” Hello Solitude , how are you today ? Let’s enjoy eachother’s company, You care for me and I will care for you “.

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2 thoughts on “GOLF For LONGEVITY

  1. SR Singh

    Masterpiece indeed.

    It is pleasant surprise to realise after going through your write-up that golf is not only a sport but a squeezed stuff entailing philosophy – spirituality – psychology – medicine – etiquette – way of life and high propensity for networking ability besides other positive entities.

    Your articulation about all the positivities about golf entitle you to be a Brand
    Ambassador or promoter of Golf. Kudos!!

    A great Golfer and assessor in you has really done justice with the subject.

    Thank you so much.


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