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This morning, someone very dear, asked me a question?. Joe, do you think Suicide is a crime?. Well , I was initially zapped at the sudden query made to me in the middest of our otherwise pleasant conversation. I quickly recollected my thoughts and said “ Yes, as per me, it’s certainly a crime and it should continue to be a punishable offence”. Why did I say so ? and what are the possible reasons in which I strongly believe that “ it’s a crime against humanity”.

This innocuous query made by a young and curious mind has lead me to think about it, a lot deeper. Hence I thought of writing ✍️ on this subject.

Today’s youth have grown up by listening songs like ‘ It’s my Life’ _ by Bon Jovi OR ‘ I Don’t Care _by Justine Bieber and unequivocally declare that no one has a write to interfere in their doing in this democratic world. They presume that no one and absolute no one has a right to tell them that what they should do with their life. I have often heard guys saying to their parents or elders in Restaurant, homes, parties or at market places that ‘ it’s my life’ , whatever I do with it is none of your business’.

Ironically, this new breed consider the intervention of their loved ones as a direct attack on their freedom. I do not find merit in this misplaced perception of ‘ It’s  My Life’.__Joe

Actually, it’s not your life in entirety. You exit in this world through godly intervention and your parents have become the medium in doing so. They have not only given you the gift of life but also ensured your comfort by visibly overlooking their own. Just because you happen to graduate and have learn to speak fluent Oxford English, does not give you a suo moto right to end your life and put your Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children and Friends into mental, physical, emotional and economical hardship.

Any irresponsible action which causes undue hardship and pain to other persons is considered as an offence. This is the very reason why I say that ‘ Committing Suicide is an offence and certainly IT’S NOT THE WAY OUT.

In most of the countries around the world, Suicide and aiding to Suicide are the Punishable offences for this very reason. Unfortunately, there is not enough deterrent in the society at large to prevent such occurrences except providing counselling & repeated counselling turning into an unending counsellings. The primary reason which comes to my mind is that the person who did the act of ending his or her life, does not exist anymore and law can neither punish the dead nor the loved ones ( except on the charge of aiding ), who were already put into the state of mental and emotional pain. So in that sense, I say “ it’s not your life anymore, there are many lives get intertwined when Gynaecologist announce your arrival in their beautiful world.


The most powerful energy in this entire universe exist in our thoughts. I am yet to come across any other energy more powerful than thought themselves.__Joe

Humans minds have changed the course of history and it has not only build bridges over the 🌊 oceans but also drilled the very heart of oceans and extracted Oil & minerals. It is beyond my comprehension that such a powerful and non-replaceable instrument ( mind) gifted to humans is not capable of building a STRONG BRIDGE BETWEEN THEIR PHYSICAL & MENTAL SELF. I often refer it as a ‘Harmonic Self’in my communications.

Neurologically, human brain is not designed to kill itself. If that would have been the case, then we would not have reached to this stage of advanced evolution. It’s the most powerful and living example of machine learning with an unique ability of constant learning and refining the acquired skills to counter our behavioural impulses and provide a viable solution under all circumstances.

History is a witness to the fact that human mind has survived the inconceivable hardship and misery in Concentration Camps & Penal Settlements at remote Islands 🌴 surrounded by 1000 of miles of sea 🌊 around them with absolute no hope of escaping. If that was not the test of human mind and it’s endurance then what else possibly can be ?. In today’s World social connectivity is primarily established through Phones , Tablets, I – Pads or Macs. This has irreparably broken the time tested platform of learning social skills.

In this increased chaotic environment, where is the scope of building social and mental skills of endurance, resilience and perseverance ?. Among this unending race of chasing deadlines, switching jobs and a non-calibrated wishes of building fortune has become a constant source of generating tensions, pressures and brought isolation to the human species. In this world, where racism, nepotism and religious biases are being accepted and practiced as new Uber cultural shift, then it has become more essential to build a iron framework of skill sets.

If you have a faith in your ability and have a desire to work hard then no amount of deprivation can drive you crazy enough to end your life.__ Joe

If you have recently lost your job, or have build up a debt, or having a fear of loosing your stardom or any other conceivable apprehensions can not justify ending your own life. When there is nothing which is permanent in this world then why to have an excessive fear of losing them.


I often hear a phrase ‘ Sharing is Caring’, I wonder most of the time that why people are not saying – ‘ Listening is Caring’ and why this work of listening is only left for the Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist or to the Counsellors. Incidentally, it’s a paid service availed by a person who has either considered or considering himself or herself as mentally, physically, emotionally and economically bankrupt.

Just to give out a real time story told by Viktor Frankl, who was a great psychiatrists of the twentieth century and survived the death camps of Nazi Germany. He once told that a woman called him in the middle of the night to calmly inform him that she was about to commit suicide. Victor Frankl kept her on the phone and talked her through her depression, giving her reason after reason to carry on living. Finally she promised she would not take her life, and she kept her word. Now here the things gets more intriguing;- when they later met, Frankl asked her, which reason had persuaded her to live? The woman replied “None of them”. Her answer was simple, it was Frankl’s willingness to listen to her in the middle of the night. A world in which there was someone ready to listen to another’s pain seemed to her a world in which it was worthwhile to live. What a astounding lesson, we can learn from it.

I often wonder 🤔 ?, why we have not stressed enough and made this slogan “LISTENING IS CARING” as a slogan of people, for the people and by the people in every organisation of this world for the sake of humanity ?. To my mind, it is not the art of making brilliant argument that makes the difference. Sometimes the small act of listening is the greatest gift we can give to a person who is undergoing stresses of varying complexities. Can we take this pledge to do it in our respective circle of influence without weighing the profit & loss statements.

I am a firm believer that the #tag-line “ Its MY LIFE” is only limited to the freedom of doing anything with it except cutting it short by your own act/deed. In my considered opinion, it’s the most heinous crime against humanity for the sake of its continuous existence. A little book named “Man’s Search for Meaning”, can be a life-changing books and I recommend that everyone should read it.


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10 thoughts on “IS SUICIDE A WAY OUT..?

      1. Mats

        Good one sir. Rightly said, important to be content and thankful for the many ‘little things’ that are often taken for granted.


  1. You rightly pointed out that with the birth of a child, so many lives get intertwined with it, and at the time of ending it, a person is not able to envisage the suffering it’s likely to inflict on the immediate loved ones… But then there are some who do it to end their own suffering and nothing else rides on their minds except this one thought. Its a deep subject and has been handled well in this post…


  2. You rightly pointed out that with the birth of a child, so many lives get intertwined with it, and at the time of ending it, a person is not able to envisage the suffering it’s likely to inflict on the immediate loved ones… But then there are some who do it to end their own suffering and nothing else rides on their minds except this one thought. Its a deep subject and has been handed well in this post…


  3. Lipika

    I must say that it’s a really insightful and a balanced view. The fact that “listening is caring” is so so right. All of us are losing sense of listening to people around us, their experiences, how they faced hardships or are facing it, or maybe need a help.
    Really glad that you talked something as relevant as this. Also, the misplaced perceptions about the notion or goal of life was brought out really nicely in your post.
    The quote by you that says “What is important in life is life and not the result of life” is moving. A very simple, comprehendable but very smartly put piece of writing on a really sensitive issue.
    Also, not to forget the power of thoughts and again the fact that thoughts shape us and can change us, is brought out in a really captivating way.


  4. OP Jat

    Good Morning Sir
    In relationships the
    “Listening is caring” thought should be a golden thumb rule or I mean to say a centre theme. In today’s world every one wants that people should listen him and understand him but no one ready to listen calmly without any dam agenda. In additionally I have a funda throughout my life and it works nicely and that is the ultimate attitude of giving means I always on a thought basically in relationships that what I can do for my loved ones or what I can give them it does not matter what they will give me. The most important thing happened to me is that there was no reason of sadness in my entire life.
    It was such a logical and comprehensive article.
    Thank you very much sir


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