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Rhythm is the ❤️ Heart Beat ❤️of a good putting Stroke.

1. A square putter face and a straight-back, straight-through path are crucial fundamentals for a solid stroke. These two elements control direction, which is undeniably one of the two most important aspects of good putting. However, in my opinion the most important fundamental is ‘Rhythm’ which is often overlooked.

2. Rhythm establishes the steadiness of the putting stroke and is the main factor in controlling distance and speed. Rhythm is the heartbeat of a good stroke, and is at least as important, if not more so, than any other aspect of successful putting. Regardless of whether your tempo is fast or slow, the club head should move at a constant pace going back and coming forward.

Rhythmic putting should look like this.( Motion with a constant pace back)

3.  If your putting stroke accelerates too quickly or decelerates abruptly at impact, it’s extremely difficult to control the distance of the putt. But the good news is that a stroke made in this manner is easy to identify. The sure sign of a stroke with good rhythm is one where the backstroke and follow-through move at the same speed and are of equal lengths.

4. A putting stroke with good rhythm is often described as a “pendulum” stroke. However, this term implies that the putter swings itself from a fixed point. Instead, I would ask you to think of the stroke as being powered by the arms and shoulders and putter is not swinging on its own. When the arms and shoulders control the putter, good rhythm is much easier to achieve, because there’s no independent motion of the putter head.

5. Focusing on moving the arms and shoulders (while controlling the putter) at the same speed and the same distance back and through will ensure solid contact and consistent control over the distance of your putts.

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