“Why Factor”-Answered.?

1.  Hello Everyone,  During my regular interaction with the beloved golfers, I have learned that  most of us carry a certain set of Common Questionnaire?.  Majority of golfers have cited slicing as their number one enemy, with a lack of distance and poor putting followed the close behind. So let us find the answers and find fix for these common queries to play our best golf.

2. Querry No 1:-  Why I can not Hit Longer..??

Answer :—-  You are not achieving full extension in your swing through the impact zone.

EXPLANATION :- Surprisingly simple answer is lack of extension. You do not have to be built like a Tiger Woods or Dustin Johnson to hit the ball long, but you do need to avoid the creation of dreaded chicken wing ( front arms bent) through the impact zone. This position of  bent front-arms  can sap power from even the strongest golfers. Trust me completely when I say that lack of extension is without an iota of  doubt is the biggest power-related mistake in golf.

FIX FOR HITTING LONGER SHOTS :-To find remedy of this problem, try my time-tested Golf Gloves drill. For this, simply place your old Golf Glove under your left arm (for right-handed golfers) and begin taking full swings. The goal is to hold the golf glove in place until the weight of the swinging club pulls your arms off your body through impact. If you shorten your front arm (chicken wing), the headcover will fall out prematurely. By practicing this drill, you will learn to achieve full extension and create maximum power.

3.  Querry No 2 :- Why  I can not Cure My Slice..??

Answer :—- In the golf swing, your body is too much open at the impact position.

EXPLANATION :- To eradicate the banana ball flight, practice a “Close Stance” drill. For this, take your regular address position, thereafter  turn your front toe towards the right side( for Rt hand golfer ) so that it is pointing away from the target. During the swing, you will feel that your body is in a closed position with respect to the targe-line and now it will be almost impossible to open your body too quickly in the swing. It is possible that initially, you may or most likely begin hooking the ball, due to your closed shoulder position but do not get afraid. With regular practice, your slice should disappear for good.

QUICK FIX:- For a quick slice fix, try strengthening your grip by rotating  your right hand clock-wise coupled with the close stance at address postion. Most golfers have a tough time squaring the clubface through the hitting zone, and a strong grip can help achieve a square or even slightly closed clubface at impact. This way you can fight the slice and will make crisper contact.

4. Querry No 3:- Why I can not be more accurate in my shots..??

Answer :—- Your clubface is not staying square at the top of the swing.

EXPLANATION ( Clubface Angles)

(a)  A square clubface angle at the top of the swing is a key for straight shots.

(b)  Closing the clubface at the top of the swing is a common cause of smother hooks and fat shots. This position can also cause a lack of rotation in the arms and hands.

(c)  A laid-off or an open clubface position at the top of the swing will, for the majority of recreational golfers, be a sure way to create severe slices and thin shots.

SUGGESTED DRILL :- The wrist hinge drill is an excellent way to learn the feeling of a proper, square clubface position at the top. At setup, simply hinge the club up in front of you, then turn your shoulders and lift your arms. Eventually, your body will learn to create this position on its own, without conscious effort. Practice this often enough, and your accuracy will improve.

QUICK FIX :- If you want a quick method for improving your clubface angle at the top of the swing, then try concentrating on feeling the majority of the club’s weight in your left thumb at the top. When the clubface is too open or closed, it’s usually because the hands are rotated is the wrong direction. When the left thumb is under the club, the club can not roate and you will know that the clubface is square at top of your swing.

Additionally, Overly stiff shafts can also cause a negative effect accuracy of your shots. So Instead, try a softer flex shafts with which you can swing smoothly for increased tempo and accuracy.

5.  QUERRY NO 4:- Why I can not  Make Solid Contact with the golf ball..??

Answer :-— You are not pivoting correctly in the golf swing

EXPLANATION:- An improper pivot is a common cause for poor ball striking because it causes the low point in the swing to be too far behind the ball. Keep the weight more on to the left leg and also try to maintain your spine angle through out your swing.This will help you to move the low point of your swing forward and induce a proper, descending hit on the ball.

6.  QUERRY No 5:- Why I can not play around Obstacles like trees , buildings and hazards..??

Answer :—– You are keeping the ball position too far back in your stance.

EXPLANATION:- A ball position that is too far back in the stance will make varying the trajectory of your shots very difficult. To improve, find a spot on the range and practice hitting shots with the ball forward in your stance. Concentrate on keeping your upper body stable and behind the ball throughout the swing, and you would see your trajectory improve right away.

7. QUERRY No : -6 Why do I get stuck in the bunker everytime and experience difficulty in coming out of it..??

Answer :—- Buy a Sand Wedge / Lob Wedge with a more Bounce on it .

EXPLANATION :- A wedge with more “bounce” on it will displaces more sand at impact. Get a wedge with plenty of bounce on it and your bunker shots will get easier in no time.

8. QUERRY No 7:- Why I can not Pitch It Close..??

Answer :—– Most probably, you are scooping under the ball instead of hitting down on it.

EXPLANATION :- Crisp pitching requires a marginally quick  takeaway and relatively steep downswing. To learn this technique, try laying a headcover/ towel down a couple of feet behind the ball at setup. Practice taking your backswing without making contact with the headcover. This will force much desired quick takeaway and steep downswing leading to better contact and increased spin.

QUICK FIX :- One of the reasons so many amateur golfers are unable to spin their shots around the green is due to the  ball position which is too far forward. This generally leads to scoopy pitches and thin contacts. Instead, try moving the ball back in your stance, just off your right heel (for a right-handed golfer). By moving the ball to this position, you will help promote a downward hit on the golf ball, which is the only effective way to create spin. Keep in mind that moving the ball back will create a lower trajectory, so adjust your club selection accordingly.

9. QUERRY No 8:- Why I can not control distance on long putts.??

Answer :—- You are focusing too much on the ball instead of on the target ( the hole) .

EXPLANATION :- Inconsistent lag putting is a common problem that has a very simple cause and that is ” Most golfers spend too much time looking at the golf ball and not enough time looking at the hole”. Set up to the ball and begin concentrating on the hole while making practice strokes and all this while try to feel the length of the stroke needed.Thereafter immediately make a putting stroke without taking much time. You will be amazed at the results of building immediate muscle memory.

10. QUERRY No 9 :- Why Do I Miss So Many Short Putts..??

Answer :—– You are taking the club too far inside or outside in your take-away.

EXPLANATION :- Short putts are typically missed due to a putting stroke that travels inside or outside the target line. To straighten out your faulty stroke, construct a track with string that runs from the ball to the hole, no longer than five or six feet in length. Take your stroke and concentrate on keeping the putter head within the track on the backstroke and through stroke. Very soon , you will be knocking these nerve tester in the hole.

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