Leslie King Tuition Series - An End to Trial & Error Golf - Lesson 10

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Welcome back to the blog, if you are reading it then, enjoy another dose of a golf lesson.

Driver id one of the most important club in the bag for two reasons. firstly, it is capable of intimidating your competitior after observing your long and straight drives. These accurately long drives give you a great advantage in scoring well. Secondly, It can also shatter confidence in equal measure if things are not working out your way.

While hitting the driver, one of the most common downswing faults which I have observed in mature golfers is that they “throw the club-head out to the right” as the downswing begins. This is in fact leads to a very early release of power. Generally, it is caused by over anxiety or nervousness to “hit” the golf ball and is often associated with a poor transition on top couples with a very fast swing.

By releasing the power early, the club-head overtakes the hands before impact making for a weak shot_ Joe Sehrawat

It is quite possible to “throw out” from the top and yet maintain a good line into the ball. However, since power has been released early, it is almost certain that the point of release will vary with each swing. Hence, shots with the same club will vary in length as the point of “release” varies. A caddie will find it difficult to club you correctly. In short, throwing-out makes for weak shots of variable length. It also causes hitting the ground before the ball is struck.

How this Error can be corrected :

Firstly:- Maintain the club-head behind the hands on the way down.

Leslie King Tuition Series - An End to Trial & Error Golf - Lesson 10

Secondaly :- Allow the downward swing of the left hand and arm to make the initial movement.

Thirdly:- When the hands have been lowered to about hip-height, release the clubhead. Not before!

Fourthly:- Retain control in the left hand and arm throughout the backswing and the downswing. The right hand will then assume its correct role.

Over usage of the right hand and arm is extremely common in the downswing. It can cause both loss of line down into the ball and a premature release of power. Both errors are highly undesirable.

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