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It’s very common to find the golf ball trickling down on to the rough side of fairways. When this happens, hitting approach shots from the rough become critical to find the green. Mostly golfers find themselves hitting such shots either come out short or comes out hot and run through the green.

Understanding science behind inconsistent strikes out of the deep stuff can help save and even transform your round.

At impact in the rough, it’s easy to trap grass between the ball and the club face. This will reduce friction and grip on the ball resulting into reduced spin and launch angle of the ball from the rough. The combination of reduce spin and low launch make it very hard to judge the predictable behaviour of the ball.


Let us imagine that you have a flag that’s 165 yards away and the ball is lying in thick rough. Due to the lie and changed condition of play an educated guess would be that it will come out hot and may run out. But still many golfer chooses a longer club to cater for the friction and fear of reduced distance. This is a bad strategy to adopt. In fact, in such situation. The prudent thought process is to cater for the 10 yard run out while making a club selection. If it’s a 7 iron for you , I would recommend to take 8 Iron. The increased loft on 8 Iron and reduced spin due to roughly conditions will help to generate the optimal ball flight/ flyer and make it travel the required distance.

Remember with a little knowledge, it’s easy to say goodbye to those shots that fly long.

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2 thoughts on “ROUGHLY SPEAKING


    Dear Sir, Good morning and thank you so much for the interesting write-up.

    Hope am not in minority- most of golfers belong to my clan 🙏😁 Coming out of roughs and Bunkers is really a nightmarish experience to me.

    Hope this tip helps me when back to course.

    Best wishes,

    SR Sent from my iPhone



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